A Song to Calm the Storm is a Main Mission in Nioh 2. This mission is recommended for level 120, has a difficulty level of 1, and features both human and yokai enemies. A Song to Calm the Storm tasks players with investigating the battlefield in Yashima and to find out what brought you here. Please see Missions for other walkthroughs on other missions.



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Mission Rewards

First Time Completion
Subsequent Completion
  • ??
  • 32600  Gold
  • 86776  Amrita




Equipment & Materials
Soul Cores
Guardian Spirit
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A Song to Calm the Storm

Mission Start Text

"Well, that was rather unexpected... To think that unassuming shrine would send us flying back through time. It's almost as if the sound of that flute was calling us here. Now we will have to forego our journey to extinguish the last embers of war and leave that task in the capable hands of Mumyo. Right now, we had best focus on searching this coast. I sense that the glow of the Sohayamaru is a significant lead indeed. And do not fret. Our feline friend and I will be with you every step of the way"

Mission End Text

"Truly, the hatred that consumes the hearts of the Taira clan knows no bounds. Surely only this twisted loathing can have caused their leader. Taira no Kiyomori, to be reborn as an aratama. You have done us a great service to fell a monstrosity such as that. It was our great fortune that Benkei found you when he did. Now we head west in order to defeat the warmongering Taira once and for all. Only the last dregs of their forces may remain, but still, we must not let our guard down. I know that I can count on your support. "

Kodama Locations

  • From the first shrine, turn right towards the shore and run towards the end. You'll find the Kodama hiding by the rocks.
  • After you speak to the NPC soldier who gives you the Incendiary Longbow Arrow, go down the cargo hold and head outside the wreckage where you'll encounter a Y-intersection. Go left towards another deck of a boat and you'll find the Kodama hiding behind the crates and supplies on the right.
  • Before you reach the second Kodama shrine, you'll see a pillar that you need to cross in order to reach the shore. Before crossing the pillar, check the corner of the boat on the left side. You'll find it behind.
  • From the second shrine, if you go right, you'll circle around the edge of the shore and come across a camp with red partitions around. Go through it and you'll see a tree that's surrounded by rocks. You'll find the Kodama hiding by the grass near the tree.
  • When you reach the door that leads to the Mysterious Warrior Monk boss, before going in, check the right side of the door. You'll find the Kodama by the corner.
  • After defeating the mysterious Warrior Monk, head inside the next building and you'll find the third shrine. On the right side of the shrine, there are some boxes, destroy it and you'll find the Kodama hiding behind.
  • When you reach the first dark realm, go towards the center section of the deck where you'll see an Ubume roaming around. Defeat it then go straight a bit, you'll find the Kodama on the left side next to the wrecked boats.
  • Head down the lower cabin from the ship that's engulfed with the dark realm and go inside the room on the right. You'll see a wall that looks broken, throw a bomb at it to destroy it to enter the room. Check behind the open large chest to find the Kodama behind.
  • Upon reaching an estate where Benkei the mysterious warrior-monk leaves your party, as soon as you enter, turn right and you'll see some crates, destroy it and you'll find the Kodama hiding behind
  • When you reach a building that's engulfed with the second dark realm, before heading up the steps, check around the corner on the left side. You'll find the Kodama hiding under the short steps.

Sudama Locations

  • When you reach the first dark realm that's covering a ship, head to the highest deck and you'll find the first Sudama walking around.
  • The second Sudama can be found inside a secret room protected by a Nurikabe yokai wall inside the second dark realm of the building near the fourth Kodama shrine.

Scampuss Locations

  • Found inside the second cargo hold. Check the right side where you'll see a Nure-Onna and a feeding Gaki. It's the cargo hold you'll come across after encountering your first Bakegani.
  • The second Scampuss can be found in the lower cabin area of a fleet that's engulfed with the first dark realm. You'll find it behind a Kiryoki before reaching the estate where Benkei leaves the party.
  • The third Scampuss can be found hiding by the flowers of the estate's garden near the fourth Kodama Shrine.

Spa Locations

  • Found behind the soldier's camp near the second kodama shrine and the door leading to the mini-boss of the area.

Locks Locations

  • Onmyo Mage's Locks can be found inside the chest blocked by large wooden crates next to the deck of the ship where you fought your first Bakegani. The large wooden crates are destroyed with the large bow located on top of the ship shortly after the fight, at the top of a ladder where you'll meet an Ubume and an Aberrant Soldier. The Incendiary Longbow Arrow needed to fire the large bow should be located in a nearby body.
  • Ninja's Locks can be found inside the chest that's locked by the first dark realm engulfing a ship. You need to kill the Kiryoki first in order to dispel the dark realm. The yokai and the chest can be found inside a supply room on the main deck.


A Song to Calm the Storm Walkthrough

First Shrine


Upon starting this main mission, you'll arrive at the starting point where you'll find the first shrine of Yashima, February of 1185. Before you proceed forward, make sure to check behind the starting point towards a dead-end. You'll find x1 Whetstone from a corpse. Next, head down the slope towards the shore and you'll encounter your first enemy on the right side which is a soldier wielding a battle axe. Go around the rock on the right side from where you encountered the soldier and you'll find a part of the broken ship that's on the shore. Approach it and you'll find a corpse that you can loot to obtain x1 Highest Quality Iron Platelet.


From the corpse that's on the part of the broken shop, look around the corner to your right and you'll find the first Kodama hiding by the rocks. Next, go back to the shore and continue forward where you'll encounter another soldier that wields a spear roaming the area. Check the left side of the rock where the soldier is roaming and you'll find another corpse you can loot to find x3 Salt. After killing the soldier, if you go straight, you'll encounter two more soldiers around the corner on the left side of the shore looting a body - kill the two soldiers then loot the corpse


You've now cleared the shore, next, head up the broken ship to your right and knock down the pillar so you can cross. Before you move forward, ready your bow and aim to your right, you'll see another soldier that's looting. You can instantly kill him with a headshot or at least with two shots, you'll also see another one to your left that's roaming the wrecked ship. You can do the same and attack him from afar with your bow, also, make sure to loot another corpse that's on the left side to find x1 Tempest Splitstaff. Continue going straight and you'll encounter another soldier wielding a spear. Before going right, check the left side which is a dead-end to find a body you can loot to find x1 Lumicite Crystal and x1 Saisetsu-Shin's Sake.


Now head right and go inside the ship through a large opening where you'll encounter a new Yokai which is the Kiryoki. Try to let the beast go up the second floor first then go through the hole under the stairs. You'll encounter 1x Gaki next to a corpse that you can loot, as well as x1 Lesser Umi-bozu. Kill both enemies then loot the corpse to find x1 Medicine Case. Once you've looted the body, kill the Kiryoki for a chance to obtain the Smithing Text: Kiryoki's Switchglaive. Next, head up the stairs to reach the ship's deck, then go right. You'll see a plank that you can jump onto to find a corpse that has x1 Glue, then jump back down and head up the stairs again to reach the ship's deck.


Turn left when you're on the deck and you'll encounter another soldier wielding a spear. Kill him, then open the large chest on the right side. You'll also find a ladder that you can kick down near the chest to open up a shortcut near the first shrine, as well as another corpse next to the ladder to find x1 Lantern Plant Fruit. After kicking down the ladder and looting the ship's deck, head down the walkway and proceed towards the broken boat that's connected to each other. You'll encounter two more soldiers here, you can try to push them down into the water to kill them instantly, but try not to fall off too, it can also kill you - continue going straight through the boat until you reach another pillar that you can knock down to cross.


You'll now reach the second ship. Before climbing up the ladder to reach the deck area, sneak behind the soldier that's looting on the left side and execute a back attack that instantly kills him. Loot the item he drops such as an Elixir and then climb up the ladder. On the deck, you'll find an NPC that you can speak to next to the stairs that lead to the supply room of the ship.


Before going down, speak to the man and he'll provide you with an Incendiary Longbow Arrow and next to him on the right, you'll find a large bow, interact with it to fire the incendiary arrow to ignite the stacked boxes ahead. When that's done, head down the stairs where you'll encounter a soldier that you attack from behind and a warrior monk. Kill both enemies, then head outside the remnants of the wreckage from the right side of the ship.


Go straight towards the Y-intersection, and go right first. You'll find a chest that you can open at the end of the path. Go back and then take the path on the left side from the intersection until you reach another ship deck. When you're on it, you'll encounter a new Yokai which is the Bakegani. This yokai is a giant crab that is corrupted by the resentful souls of those who died at the sea. Try to avoid the paralyzing bubble that it spits out and watch out for its fast-charging attacks. After defeating the yokai, before you go west, head east to check another smaller vessel where you can find a large and small chest that you can loot. There are two soldiers here and 1x Warrior Monk that you'll encounter. After looting the boat, head back to the deck where you encountered the yokai Bakegani and head east.


On this boat's deck, you'll find a Kodama hiding behind some crates and supplies. You'll see it on the right side. After guiding the Kodama back, continue forward through the remnants of the wreckage.


Next, go straight and head towards the cargo hold of another ship on the right. You'll see an opening that you can go through to enter. Once you're inside, you'll see a Gaki on the left, ignore it first and check around the corner on the right and you'll find a Scampuss. Pet it, and then you can shoot the Gaki on the head with your bow and arrow.  Don't approach the body it was eating first to obtain the loot, but instead, walk a bit to your right and aim your bow to the left side near the ladder. You'll see a Nure-Onna that's waiting to ambush you - after killing both yokai, loot the body to find an item and then climb the ladder to reach the upper deck.


On the upper deck, you'll encounter two Yokai, an Ubume and an Aberrant Soldier. Kill both yokai, and then loot the area for items. You should find an Incendiary Longbow Arrow on one of the bodies that can be used to fire the large bow that's nearby. You'll notice that the arrow destroys some large wooden crates near where you fought your first Bakegani - backtrack to that area and cross the small plank to get to the now cleared chest which contains Onmyo Mage's Locks. Go back towards the wreckage and this time, head to the path on the left where you'll encounter another Aberrant Soldier. Continue going straight and you'll come across two more yokai, another Bakegani and Lesser Umi-bozu. From where the Bakegani was, after killing the yokai, walk onto the fallen pillar to get across where you'll see a yokai mist blocking the path ahead - the yokai within it is a Kiryoki, kill it to obtain its soul core, the Kiryoki Soul Core.

Second Shrine


After you've defeated the Kiryoki, head towards the shore and you'll find the second shrine for this area. Make sure to pray at the second shrine to activate it as a checkpoint. From the shrine, go right and check around the shore first to find bodies that you can loot. If you keep going straight, you'll encounter a monk warrior and two soldiers near the mission's main objective which leads to the main boss.


Head towards the main area first and if you check the west side from the marked objective, you'll find a Spa (Hot Spring) at the corner. You can use it if you want to or save it for later. Check behind the red jinmaku curtains from the hot spring where you'll encounter a small and large Bakegani yokai. The large one is hiding under the ground, aim your bow and shoot at the ground to damage it a bit and for it to jump out. You'll find a chest here that has a Mujina yokai inside of it, make sure to imitate the correct gesture to obtain random items dropped by the Yokai.


You'll also see a body that's resting against a supply crate on the left side, loot it to find Saigyo's Poem I. If you go straight from the campsite, you'll also come across a soldier that's a Rokurokubi yokai. Make sure to ready your bow and aim for its head to reveal its true form.


From the campsite, go right and check the tree that's surrounded by rocks. You'll find a Kodama hiding behind the grass. After guiding the Kodama, head back to the campsite, and before going to the marked objective, cross the bridge that leads to the deck of a small vessel and knock down the pillar to open up a shortcut leading to the second shrine.


When that's done, proceed to the marked objective and before opening the door. Check the corner on the right side near the door to find another Kodama. After guiding it back to the shrine, open the door to fight the first boss for this mission.

Boss Fight: Benkei


When you enter, a short cutscene will first trigger. You'll want to bring a friendly revenant here and summon their spirit to help you in battle. Once the fight begins, the mysterious monk will start off by attacking you with a spinning charge attack. So be ready to block at the beginning, or dodge to your sides to avoid getting hit. If you see him use a burst attack, you'll want to make sure you counter it so that you can interrupt his attack and land a few hits.


One of his attacks you'll want to avoid as much as possible is when he charges up and you'll see a white mist on his body. You won't be able to block this since you'll get grabbed and you'll take a lot of damage from its combo. You won't have to worry about the dark realm since it won't be able to conjure it if you deplete its stamina bar. After defeating the monk, speak to it and it will guide you through the estate. Follow it and you'll learn that its name is Benkei and he will join your party - head inside the building with your new ally and you'll find the third shrine ahead.

Third Shrine


Approach the third shrine and on the right side, destroy the objects to find a Kodama hiding behind it. Guide it back and then pray at the third shrine to activate it as your checkpoint. After praying, head outside the opening on the left side since the door next to the shrine is locked. Go straight and make your way towards the main fleet where you'll encounter a large Bakegani and an Aberrant Soldier. Head inside the cargo hold and you'll come across a Skeleton Warrior yokai a small Bakegani and another Aberrant Soldier. Kill all the yokai and loot the corpse to find x1 Sacred Ash before climbing up the ladder towards the upper deck.


On the upper deck, check the shed on the right side where you'll see a Kiryoki and a Nure-Onna guarding a large chest. Kill both yokai and open the chest to obtain items, while on the shed that's on the left, you'll find a corpse that you can loot. After checking both sheds, go across the second fleet towards the dark realm.


If you go straight towards where the Ubume is roaming, you'll find a Kodama hiding by a corner on the left side by the wrecked boat. You'll find the source of the dark realm which is the Kiryoki found inside the supply room of this fleet. The supply room can be found on the east side from where you found the Kodama. After you defeat the Kiryoki, you'll be able to dispel the dark realm and you can open the large chest inside the room. Don't forget to also grab the Incendiary Longbow Arrow next to the chest - inside the chest, you'll be able to find x1 Ninja's Locks.


Next, head outside the room and go around it from the right side. You'll find the large longbow that you can use to shoot the incendiary longbow arrow. Next to the large longbow, there are some planks that you can walk on to reach the highest deck. On the highest deck, you'll find a Sudama - drop an item next to the Sudama to exchange another item from it.


Go back down to the main deck, use the large longbow to burn the haystack, and head towards where you found the Kodama. Go down the stairs and head towards the cabin section of the ship, kill the yokai that are roaming the area such as an Ubume, a small Bakegani, and a Warrior Skeleton. You'll find bodies here that you can loot as well before reaching the outer section.


Upon reaching the outer section, you'll see another Kiryoki blocking your way and an Aberrant Soldier. You'll find another Scampuss behind the Kiryoki yokai. After grabbing the Scampuss, head towards the shore and kill the Rokurokubi that's roaming around. Next, go straight towards the estate and you'll need to defeat the yokai within the mist that's blocking the door - the yokai within the mist is a large Bakegani.


Now, enter the building and turn right. Destroy the boxes by the corner and you'll find another Kodama hiding behind it. From here, Benkei will leave your party. Head to the inner section of the building just past Benkei where you'll encounter a couple of soldiers roaming around the area. Work your way through until you' reach the east exit of the building. Once you're outside, kill the roaming soldier and the warrior monk that's blocking the way ahead.

Second Dark Realm


You're objective is to head to the west side towards the wreckage, but before going there, check the other building that's on the east side towards the second dark realm. Before heading inside the dark realm, check under the small steps on the left side of the building to find another Kodama. After guiding it back to the shrine, head towards the building to clear out the dark realm - the first yokai you'll see roaming within the dark realm is a Kiryoki. You can shoot it with your bow and arrow to draw it out of the dark realm, making it easier to kill it.


Head inside the dark realm and check the room on the left, you'll encounter a Skeleton Warrior here. While down the corridor, there's an Ubume, a Gaki, and a large, as well as a small Bakegani which holds the source of the dark realm. Try to lure out the Gaki first and then the Ubume before you fight and kill the Bakegani - once you've killed the large Bakegani, you can open the large chest next to it.


In the same room where the large Bakegani was, you'll find another Incendiary Longbow Arrow and beside it, you'll see a talisman attached to a wall. Remove it so you can find a secret room that's blocked by a Nurikabe yokai wall. Inside the secret room, you'll find another Sudama


If you go outside through the secret room, check the right side of the garden and you'll find another Scampuss that's hiding by the flowers. Continue going straight and you'll find a shortcut that leads back to the entrance and you'll also find the fourth shrine for this mission, make sure to pray at the shrine to save as your checkpoint - from here the area ahead is pretty much linear, head to the wreckage towards the marked objective to fight the main boss of this mission.

Boss Battle: Uminyudo


Uminyudo is a giant sea yokai which is mainly composed of watery substance and the remains of those who died in the sea. Most of his attacks consist of slamming his arms on the ground, you'll want to watch out for the direction of his arms when he raises it over his head, dodge at the last second his arms pound on the ground and attack the yellow substance that's on it. Attacking the yellow glowing substance is the only way for you to inflict damage on this boss.


He also attacks like a Lesser Umi-bozu where he will occasionally shoot a large anchor at you. If this happens, DODGE it, do not block it. For its burst attack, it will shoot a stream of water at you which you can counter with a burst counter.


You'll stagger this boss when you've dealt about 30% damage to its health. When this happens, this yokai will appear in its smaller form, making it easier for you to fight it. When it's health is down to about 40%, it will jump back into the water and change back to its huge form and it will conjure the dark realm, as well as Bakegani yokai. You'll want to kill the Bakegami yokai first before shifting your attention towards the boss - successfully defeating this boss drops random items and gear pieces, as well as its soul core,  Uminyudo Soul Core.


A cutscene will then trigger once you proceed forward and exit the mission. You'll see a cinematic of Minamoto no Yoshitsune and you'll acquire a new Guardian Spirit, the Kurama Tengu - this completes the main mission for The Tengu's Disciple DLC.



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