A Voice in the Twilight is a Sub Mission in Nioh 2. This mission is recommended for level 11, has a level 3 difficulty, and features yokai enemies. A Voice in the Twilight tasks players with investigating a malevolent Yokai that seems to terrorize the village of Jusanzakura. This mission is unlocked after completing the Main Mission: The Beast Born of Smoke and Flames. This Please see Missions for other walkthroughs on other missions.




General Info

  • Recommended Lvl: 11
  • Mission Lvl. Difficulty: 3
  • Bosses: Gozuki


Video Walkthrough

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Mission Rewards

First Time Completion
Subsequent Completion




Equipment & Materials
  • Random Weapons
  • Random Armor Pieces
Soul Cores
  • n/a
Key Items
  • n/a



A Voice in the Twilight

Mission Start Text

Hey, do you remember the village where we first met? Well, we've received a request from the Elder there.

I know you've already taken care of their yokai problem, but lately, they've been hearing strange noises after the sun sets.

It puts a lot of people on edge and it's making some inhabitants reluctant to return to the village.

Most likely it's a yokai you missed last time, or maybe even a bandit trying to stir up trouble. Either way, we need to get to the bottom of this.

Mission End Text

Phew! The yokai extermination was a job well done! The village elder sends his thanks too!

I told him that the only yokai left was that strange cat thing that looked like a steamed bun, but I imagine he won't keep the villagers from returning.

I do wonder what it was yapping about though. It didn't seem like ti was especially hostile to people anyway.

Any idea what it was saying, Hiddy? I mean, you're half yokai right? No? Ah well...

Kodama Locations

  • none

Sudama Locations

  • none

Scampuss Locations

  • You'll find the Scampuss in the middle of the arena, it will assist you in battle until you complete the mission.

Spa Locations

  • none


A Voice in the Twilight Walkthrough


Upon starting the mission, you'll find the first shrine of this sub-mission. From the Kodama Shrine, make a right, then turn left and you'll find a Scampuss around countless bloody graves.


It may look like a quiet open field, but once you pet the Scampuss, a group of Yokai will appear, and you'll need to clear out three waves before facing the mini-boss. Take note that once you clear out the third wave, you'll be locked in the arena until you kill the mini-boss. The first wave will be 3x Gaki.


The 2nd group of Yokai will be 2x Oni-bi and a Yoki. Focus on the Oni-bi first to stop them from shooting fireballs before killing the Yoki. After killing the Yoki, the next Yokai that will appear is an Enki and after a few seconds, two more Oni-bi will appear. Do the same where you kill the Oni-bi first before the Enki.

Mini-Boss: Gozuki


After killing the last Yokai from the third wave, a mini-boss will appear which is Gozuki a demon that looks and moves similar like Mezuki, only that its head appears to be a bull instead of a horse. Take your time and watch for its moves to avoid getting killed since if you die, you'll have to clear out all three waves of yokai enemies again before facing Gozuki. It's burst attack allows it to slam its weapon on the ground which can be countered by a Burst Counter if you land it at the right time. It also swings its weapon in front of it which has a tremendous reach, so make sure you dodge backward or hold up your guard. It also lunges its head forward and charges in like a bull, you can dodge either way to avoid getting hit. Another one of its attacks is when it runs forward a bit and places its weapon from behind. If this happens, quickly reposition yourself far from Gozuki since it will swing its weapon forward causing rocks to fly towards you.


When it reaches about 40% of its HP, it will channel the dark realm. Remember to be careful when you're in the dark realm since it quickly drains your stamina. Successfully killing the Gozuki completes the sub-mission and drops random equipment - interact with the Scampuss that's in the middle of the area to end the mission.



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Trivia & Notes:

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