Against All Comers is a Sub Mission in Nioh 2. This mission is recommended for level 145, has a difficulty level of 4, and features both human and yokai enemies. Against All Comers tasks players with fighting in a gauntlet of human and yokai enemies, as well as some bosses from the main game and DLC. This mission is unlocked after completing A Distant Dream. Please see Missions for other walkthroughs on other missions.


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Mission Rewards

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Subsequent Completion


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Equipment & Materials
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 Against All Comers

Mission Start Text

"It looks like there's some kind of contest going on where human and yokai pit themselves against each other. It is a contest that samurai have long participated in. Indeed An jin also once took part. I would say this is as good an opportunity as any to put your skills to the test. "

Mission End Text

"Goodness me! Watching you cut down foes like that was a truly magnificent sight! I know I shouldn’t be surprised anymore, but it amazes me that you could defeat Otakemaru and still thirst for combat. You’re a natural born samurai, there’s no doubt about it."

Kodama Locations

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Sudama Locations

  • After every Wave of enemies, 1 to 2 Sudama appear.

Scampuss Locations

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Spa Locations

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Locks Locations

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Against All Comers Walkthrough

Getting ready

This mission is a gauntlet of enemies, both human and yokai. The mission has a total of 9 Waves of enemies, and after every Wave, 1 or 2 Sudama will appear, with the next Wave starting only after you trade items with them. If you die, you will start from the Wave you were prior to your death. Every Wave ends with the Sudama showing up, so you can use that to mark where you stopped, as well as check your equipment. Keep in mind that you cannot go back to use the Shrine between Waves, only if you die. With that in mind, use the Shrine to get ready, and then go towards the beach to start. This guide will be as follows: enemies with a ''+'' sign will spawn together and after killing them, the next enemies will show up.

Wave 1

  1. Human bandit (sword) + Human samurai (2 swords) + Human bandit (2 axes)
  2. Sohaya Warrior (Swichglaive) + Human Samurai (Odachi) 
  3. Enki
  4. Ippon-Datara 
  5. Nure-Onna + 2x Toxic Slime 
  6. Gozuki
  7. Mezuki

After this, a Sudama will spawn. Trade with it, and the next Wave will start.

Wave 2

  1. Ninja + Ninja (Bow)
  2. Skeleton Warrior (Rifle) + Yamanba
  3. Waira
  4. Oni-bi (Water) + Oni-bi (Lightning) + Koroka
  5. Saito Yoshitatsu (Boss)

After this, another Sudama will spawn. Trade and start the next Wave.

Wave 3

  1. Gaki + One-Eyed Imp + Ubume
  2. Mitsume Yazura
  3. Human Samurai (Odachi) + Human Warrior (Odachi)
  4. Magara Naotaka

After this, a Big Sudama will spawn. Trade and start the next Wave.

Wave 4

  1. 2x Human Mage + Saika Gunner
  2. Warrior Spearman + Warrior Monk (Odachi)
  3. Female Saika Warrior (Kusarigama) + Female Saika Warrior (Dual Swords)
  4. Saika Warrior (Kusarigama)
  5. Obsidian Samurai
  6. Oda Nobunaga

This time, 2 Sudama will spawn. Do the trade and follow to the next Wave.

Wave 5

  1. Aberrant Soldier + Kappa + Toxic Slime
  2. 2x Wheelmonk (a Red and a Blue)
  3. Saito Toshimitsu
  4. Ryomen Sukuna

A Big Sudama will spawn. On to the next Wave.

Wave 6

  1. Sohaya Warrior (Splitstaff) + Warrior Monk (Spear)
  2. Kiryoki
  3. 2x Small Bakegani + Bakegani
  4. Aberrant Soldier (Wind) + Aberrant Soldier (Water) + Nuppeppo
  5. Benkei

Now, a Big and a small Sudama will spawn. Get to trading and go to the next Wave.

Wave 7

  1. 2x Human Mages + Ninja (Fists) + Fox Spirit
  2. Yasha
  3. Underworld Soldier + Hellish Hag
  4. Lightning God of Yomi

Once again, a Big and a small Sudama will spawn. Getting close to the end now. Next Wave!

Wave 8

  1. 2x Harinobo + Konaki-Jiji
  2. Itsumade
  3. Kinki
  4. Ongyoki
  5. Suiki
  6. Fuki

This time, 2 Big Sudama will spawn. Do the trade and get ready for the last Wave.

Wave 9

  1. Otakemaru (The First Samurai)
  2. Otakemaru
  3. William

Talk to William after the fight, and the mission is finally over.






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Trivia & Notes:

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    • Anonymous

      9 waves of enemies but only challenging one is a ****ing Itsumade on 8th wave (not even a boss btw), well done Team Ninja.

      • Anonymous

        I got sooooooo many soul cores and amrita from this mission.
        The only reason I got through the level, AND the ENTIRE GAME was me using 4 quick change scrolls + Amrita life recovery build. It lets me rely less on elixirs and more on amrita (Yokai abilities and depleted yokai ki damage) for healing.

        I quite enjoyed this mission ngl. Had so much fun fighting humans and yokai alike! Although fighting both variants of Otakemaru in the final wave threw me off guard but I soldiered on with my spirit stones like a true ninja :))))

        • Anonymous

          This actually kinda hurt to do, but I was overleveled by about 20 levels and had a decent build at NG.

          Anyways, with this much endurance I might be able to last as long as your mom

          • Anonymous

            People complaining about this mission were overleveled as ****. It’s a good challenge and test of your build, but I guess the majority found it too boring and easy doing it at level 500.

            • Anonymous

              Awful mission. Haven't hated a mission yet, or even disliked a mission. So needlessly long, plus I didn't know if I'd have to do the ENTIRE thing again if I died, so it was stress for everything past the 3rd wave. After the 4th wave I was like "COME ON, ANOTHER ONE?" and there were FIVE more waves still, each one leaving me feeling more incredulous. Just dumb game design. Let's make you fight 15 or so bosses, including the final boss twice and the other final bosses of the other DLCs too, just for the kick of it.

              • Possibly the most dreadfully boring and unengaging mission in Nioh 2. They said, 'stand in this circle for 30 minutes while we send recycled enemies at you.' None of the fun parts of Nioh (story, exploration, etc.), just the repetitive parts where you fight the enemies you've fought repeatedly in a gauntlet. Could be the worst designed mission in this game.

                • Anonymous

                  Total 7 waves, which each end with a Sudama(later waves give you larger Sudama and/or 2 Sudama instead of 1). Dying lets you start again on the wave you died on. First few waves are 3 spawns of 2 enemies followed by a named boss. Third to last wave is a number of human bosses(4iirc). Second to last wave is the 4 named demons from the last mission of the The Last Samurai. Last wave is a single, but challenging boss followed by a surprise(I won't spoil it lol).

                  I was level 170something(it took 2.3~mil to level). First attempt got me through 5 and a half waves which got me 11.7mil. I was able to level 4 times lol. Seems like a ridiculously easy way to level, though I need to get onto ng+. Make sure to empty your bags before you come :D

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