Anima (Stat)

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How much Anima you currently possess.
Indicates the amount required to use the Yokai ability or Burst Counter

Anima (Special Effect)

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Increases your Anima by the amount listed.

Anima is a Secondary Stat in Nioh 2, as well as the name of a special effect that increases it. This page contains information regarding Anima.


Anima Information

How much Anima you currently possess. This is the resource required to activate Yokai Skills and to use Burst Counters.

 By default the maximum amount of Anima you can have is 10. This is also the maximum amount of Anima each individual Yokai Ability has while in Yokai Shift. The special effect of the same name increases your maximum Anima by the amount listed, and can be found on Soul Cores, Helmets and certain Set Bonuses.

By default, you gain Anima by doing melee attacks, while gaining an increased amount for dong Grapples and Final Blows, as well as doing a Burst Counter while in the Dark Realm. Various Anima Fill effects, such as the first special effect each Guardian Spirit has, either gives you alternate ways to gain Anima, increases the rate in which you gain it, or refunds some of it when you use it.

It can be useful to increase the amount of Anima you can have, as this allows you to store more of it, letting you use more at once against an enemy or boss.For example, certain abilities such as One-Legged Fury  stun enemies on hit, and chaining them together lets you deal a large amount of damage and Ki damage very quickly without allowing enemies to fight back.




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