Arc of Chaos

Boss Skill
Skill Type
Dropped By
Tate Eboshi

Arc of Chaos is one of the Switchglaive Skills in Nioh2. It is a Boss Skill Dropped by Tate Eboshi that throws the glaive in scythe form at a distance while it spins in the air.


Arc of Chaos Description

Throw the switchglaive in scythe form. The switchglaive will spin in the air as it returns to you. High stance only.
Command: Strong attack button while guarding


Arc of Chaos Notes

  • This has the longest forward range of any of the switchglaive attacks.
  • The attack hits three times; Once going forward, once while it hovers in place, and once on the way back. Typically only two attacks hit but with proper spacing you can hit with all three.


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    • Anonymous

      The damage from this skill does not count as ranged damage, so abilities that reduce ranged damage don't affect its damage. Something I noticed fighting in wotd against ranged damage resistant enemies; hatchet throws, bullets, arrows, throwing weapons do crippling reduced damage, this still hits like a wrecking ball.

      • Anonymous

        Been farming this for 8 hours with great stats and a 45 second from shrine to boss strat. I don’t think this actually exists.

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