Arcana of Vermin

Arcana of Vermin
Skill Point Cost
Skill Type
Custom Active Skills
Requires a certain amount of Astral Wisdom

Arcana of Vermin is one of the Shiftling Skills in Nioh2. Arcana of Vermin is a Custom Active Skills that imbues certain Active Skills with the Paralysis element..


Arcana of Vermin Description

Imbues certain Active Skills with the Paralysis element.
Ki Consumption Rate 1.20

 See Custom Active Skills for information on how to equip this skill. 
This will override any element the weapon already has.

Here is a list of Active Skills that have strong synergy with the Custom Active Skills Arcana of Fire, Arcana of Lightning, Arcana of Power, Arcana of Water, Arcana of Vermin and Arcana of Serpents. Bolded options are particularly strong and do not require much build dedication such as using Yokai Abilities or Status Accumulation to get them to apply the element in one use, or are at least very easy to use multiple times quickly. Keep in mind enemy resistance will affect the potency of these skills.

Builds that use Arcana of Vermin

  • ???


Arcana of Vermin Notes

  • Notes on this skill go here



Shiftling Skills
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