Ashiya Doman

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Enemy Type Human
Weakness ??
Resistances ??
Immune ??
Special Drop  Luminous Blade Talisman

Ashiya Doman is a Boss and Enemy in Nioh 2. Ashiya Doman is a human boss, he is a skilled conjurer who uses the element of lightning to fight his foes and also possesses the ability to control various elements, using this power to place traps. 


Enemy Description

Ashiya Doman is an Onmyo mage from the mid-Heian period. He is believed to have been born in Harima Province (known today as Hyogo Prefecture). Many say his magic skills rival that of the great Abe no Seimei. After Doman was defeated by Seimei in a test of magical skill, some say he became one of Seimei's disciples. Others say he left the capital and plotted to assassinate a noble by means of sorcery. However, all of this is ultimately conjecture, and he remains an enigma.

As part of his plot to bring ruin to the capital, Doman uses dark magic to summon Tsuchigumo to the Rashomon gate. When Tsuchigumo is defeated by the protagonist, Doman reveals himself and transforms the Nigitama Yorimitsu unleashes on him into raging Aratama. Cool and composed, he leaves Yorimitsu and her companions to fend for themselves, considering them beneath him.

Using the power of the Spirit Stones that lie beneath the palace, Doman reshapes the land, turning the palace into an unearthly demonic playground. Hoping to stop the protagonist who is hot on his trail, he transforms Nekomata into the White Tiger, but the protagonist manages to cut the fearsome cat down. Doman and the protagonist finally fight in the depths beneath the palace, and in the ensuring battle, Doman uses his own body to channel the Lightning Gods of Yomi. However, even this is not enough to prevent the protagonist from prevailing. The mysterious man with the staff emerges from Doman's corpse and vanishes without a trace.

Despite Doman's defeat during the events at the inner court, he is reported to have returned  to Ise.

After the protagonist succeeds in quelling Doman once again, Seimei recounts how he and Doman used to be comrades. According to Seimei, Doman  came to dabble in dark magic due to his resentment at the world, which led to the two Onmyo mages parting ways. As Seimei looks back upon the time they spent together, he prays that Doman will finally find peace in the afterlife.


Ashiya Doman Locations & Drops


How to Beat Ashiya Doman

Ashiya Doman Boss Guide:

Ashiya Doman has two phases. In the first phase, you'll fight against him and when you completely deplete his HP, he'll turn into the Lightning God of Yomi and conjures the dark realm that empowers its attacks. For this fight, you'll want to bring a Lightningstop Talisman and the best time to use this is during the second phase. When fighting Ashiya, he'll mix up different elements and he'll rely on placing traps and conjuring projectiles. The best time to attack him is after each projectile he conjures since there's a few seconds that you can use to close in and hit him with one to two attacks.


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Lightning Beam: Conjures a spell and releases a beam of lightning that is aimed directly at you. The laser is just directed straightforward at your last spot. This can be interrupted by using a Burst Counter.
3-Hit Attack: Executes a three-hit combo with his weapon. This can be blocked. For the first two attacks, you can decide to block it and then dodge roll to get behind him, and then follow-up with one to two attacks.
Elemental Talismans: Leaves random elemental talismans on the ground. Ashiya plants two to three talismans on the ground. This only explodes if you come in contact with it.
Lightning Barrage: Shoots a barrage of lightning. To avoid getting hit, keep running to the sides until he stops shooting.
Lightning Bolt: Bolts of lightning appear around Ashiya Doman. If you're too close to him, he conjures lightning bolts that surround him. You'll see the energy pulsate around him, when you see this, quickly move away from him. You'll have about 2-3 seconds to get out of the affected area before the bolts appear.
Lightning Bolts: Shoots three bolts of lightning that flow through the ground and are also aimed at you Dodge to the side to avoid getting hit.
Shield: Conjures a shield that blocks your attacks. Keep attacking to deplete its stamina. He'll usually put up the shield if you're near him.
Pillar of Flames: Uses a talisman that summons a pillar of flame that emerges underneath the player. You'll see a field of flame appear on the ground from where you are standing and after a short moment, a pillar of flame will appear. Easily avoided by running or by executing a dodge roll. Do not get caught since the explosion can kill you.
Phase 2: Lightning God of Yomi
Teleport: Teleports to random spots and leaves a trail of lightning as it moves. Dodge to the sides, do not dodge towards it, or try to chase it directly when it moves since there's a trail of lightning. Just stay at the sides.
Lightning Crescent: Gathers energy and releases blades of lightning. When you see large lightning orbs around it, it will release blades of lightning that are aimed at you. This can be blocked.
4-Hit Combo: Attacks the player 4 times with its arms. You can block the first three attacks and then dodge towards it to get behind on the fourth attack. You'll be able to follow-up with a couple of attacks while it recovers.
Stream of Lightning: Conjures a path of lightning. You'll see a path of lightning that will appear in front of you before it releases energy. Dodge to the sides to avoid getting hit.
Burst Attack: Spinning Melee Attack Sometimes, it will mix up its attacks. It will strike twice and then prepares for a burst attack. When you see a red indicator, be ready to activate a Burst Counter to interrupt it. A successful burst counter will allow you to punish it while it tries to recover.




Notes & Trivia

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    • Anonymous

      Easily farmable in his sub-mission; you get summons, an npc aide and only three fairly easy enemies that come before him. Little difficulty when killing, just earthfold/travel amulet out to reset after killing him to avoid fighting Lightining Gods, it resets the waves of enemies and you get to fight him again. Farmed him like 40 times in 20 minutes to get his skill, easily worth the time.

      • Anonymous

        Does he only get his clones in DotD? I feel like it was a missed opportunity for DotS considering he's slightly underwhelming at keeping you away on the base difficulty.

        • Anonymous

          I feel like this guy should have dropped more Arts of Combat other than Luminous Blade... Its cool I guess, but it makes me feel like there could have been more flashy spells than just swinging a magical sword around for a couple of times...

          • Anonymous

            Does anyone know how to get the last bit of Seime's and Doman's character entry? I've played Palace and Disturbance 3 times each and I still don't have them and it's kind of bugging me.

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