Attack (Stat)

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Affects how much damage your weapon inflicts upon enemies.
Attack (Special Effect)
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Increases your maximum Attack by the amount listed.

Attack is a Secondary Stat in Nioh 2, as well as the name of a special effect that increases it. This page contains information regarding Attack.


Attack Information

Determines the damage of the weapon you are holding. The Defense Stat of enemies (generally determined by mission level but can also vary between enemies) reduces the amount of damage you gain from plain attack. As the effects Attack has on damage is also in its own section in the damage formula of this game, this will mean that making sure your attack is high or at least on pace for your mission level is important to maintaining your damage.

Attack is made up of three factors: the Base Attack of the weapon, which is determined by Item Level, the portion that comes from weapon scaling with your Core Stats, and finally any effects that add more attack to your weapon, such as from the Attack Special Effect, which can be tempered on Gauntlets and found on soul cores,Attack Bonus [Core Stat], which can be found on melee weapons and set bonuses, and the attack bonus your Guardian Spirit gives you based on the Attack Value your Soul Cores have. The majority of your attack comes from the first two sources.

Set Bonuses and Effects that grant you more attack are very strong early game when your Attack Values are lower, however the start to lose power very late in the game.


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