Azai Nagamasa

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Enemy Type Yokai
Weakness Purity, Lightning
Resistances Water, Poison
Immune ??
Special Drop Hiyokucho Guardian Spirit
Art of Combat: True and Through
Kohoku Master's Greaves
Diehard's Cuirass
Kohoku Master's Cuirass

Azai Nagamasa is a Boss and Enemy in Nioh 2. Azai Nagamasa is a Human but he's considered a Yokai that attacks with sword.


Enemy Description

Azai Nagamasa is a daimyo of Omi Province (modern-day Shiga Prefecture). He married Oichi, Oda Nobunaga's sister, in order to forge an alliance with the Oda clan as Nobunaga's campaign advanced Owari into Mino.

Though Nobunaga viewed Nagamasa as a trusted brother-in-law, Nagamasa would betray his trust when he suddenly attacked Nobunaga's forces as they were on their way to attack the Asakura clan in Echizen.

Nagamasa and Oichi led a happy life together after their marriage. Nagamasa deeply respected his brother-in-law, Nobunaga, and tried to follow in his footsteps. But faced with such a relentlessly driven example to follow, he never felt like he was good enough. Sensing Nagamasa's emotional vulnerability, the man with the staff seized the oppurtunity to posses him, causing Nagamasa to betray Nobunaga. After being defeated in the Battle of Anegawa, Nagamasa retreats to the safety of his own castle, but is ultimately forced to confront the protagonist in the castle keep. He transforms into a yokai, but this is not enough to prevent the protagonist from defeating him. As he finally regains his senses, he entrusts the protagonistst with Oichi's safety before drawing his last breath.

Having died with so much regret, Nagamasa lingered in the Interim, unable to move on to the next stage of his existence. When he meets the protagonist again, he learns the the daughter he conceived with Oichi is safe, and is finally able to rest in piece.

Chacha, Nagamasa's daughter, would come to be known as Yodogimi, mother of Tokichiro's heir, Hideyori. She would have a great impact on events for generation to come.


Azai Nagamasa Locations & Drops





How to Beat Azai Nagamasa

Azai Nagamasa Boss Guide:



Azai Nagamasa is very quick and agile, so it is not advisable to use long combos but rather short ones.

A good strategy to fight his is staying at a close or medium distance and run in circles around him. Wait for him to attack and strike back when he finishes his combo.

Another good strategy is keeping your guard up all the time to avoid being hit by his fast attacks. Once his combo is over attack him 1 or 2 times and then repeat.

When he shifts into the Dark Realm he will immediately jump to the air, cast projectiles at you and perform a burst attack. This attack is difficult to counter. You need to do it before he arrives to the ground.

Don't attack him while he is using the Feather Guard as you will receive high Ki damage and he will use the opportunity to grapple you.


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1
Water Burst: He will summon three pools of water that will explode after a short time Stay away from the pools. If you are close enough you can attack him
Throw Feathers: When at a distance, he will throw feathers in a wide area dealing damage. Use your guard to prevent the damage
Jump Attack: He will quickly jump to the air and land on top of the player dealing damage If you are using your guard you will prevent the damage. If you are running in circles you will probably dodge the attack providing an opportunity to strike back.
Burst Flying Attack (Dark Realm): While in the Dark Realm he can perform a powerful burst attack while flying. You can burst counter this attack, but you have to time it before he lands.
Burst Forward Attack (Dark Realm): While in the Dark Realm he will perform a quick burst attack forward. If you are quick enough you can burst counter this attack.





Notes & Trivia

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    • Anonymous

      Very annoying boss. Blocked a lot during normal phase. He won't block in dark realm but trade off is he use very agressive attack pattern. Very dangerous with low stamina.

      He's not hard, just annoying. When he do the jump attack, just dodge or block, you'll always get 1 free hit.

      There is a blue summon sign nearby the shrine. I'd totally use it. You can get multiple back stabs to make the fight much faster.

      • Anonymous

        He was easy when he summoned the dark realm. Used sloth during the dark realm and did most of my damage during this period.

        • Anonymous

          I've been stuck on the Twilight Mission version of this dude for days, more so than any boss to date. A few of his attacks are missing from here, he does a gold horizontal missile wave from distance in non dark realm phase can be blocked but comes out fast, and a dark realm attack where he summons ~8 gold sprite missiles that fly towards you and always follows that immediately with the air attack burst move. As a brute counter user I honestly don't know how to counter this attack safely as the missiles always land as he does and he's high in the air away from you when he starts it.

          • The jump attack he does at the very beginning can be easily blocked. This also leaves a great chance for a counter as it has a long recovery window.
            For the feather/burst attack, just run away. The feathers will miss and so will his attack.
            Lightning does wonders against him.

            • Anonymous

              I see someone commented that they got the weapon skill from the Yashka Returns mission, does that mean that the Kohoku armor text drops in that mission too? It’s much easier to farm than Bird in a Cage, so I’d rather farm that one but don’t want to waste my time.

              • Anonymous

                This fight becomes much easier if you’re using a fast Burst Counter. (I prefer phantom, but feral might also work) He starts most of his burst attacks while midair and decends at high speed, so you’re at a disadvantage if you have brute burst counters. I always play brute form because I like that playstyle the most, but it isn’t usefull if the enemy is out of reach. (Brute burst counters will litterally knock the enemy out of the attack even before doing it, just fyi)

                • Anonymous

                  Does this one drop the kohaku smithing text swear been farming for ages havent seen it but seenthe sword one

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