Backwave II

Backwave II
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Backwave II is one of the Sword Skills in Nioh2. Backwave II is an active Mid stance skill that performs the Tempest Skill after successfully performing a Backwave.


Backwave II Description

When Backwave succeeds, follow up with Tempest (Mild stance only)

To do this skill, press the block button again right after doing Backwave.
This allows you to convert any successful parry into grounding the enemy. You get two free hits, one of which is a final blow, which will force enemy to get up slowly while not blocking, allowing even more damage.
It is possible to do Iai Quickdraw II while they are grounded, which is the maximum amount of damage you can deal, however you have to cancel the sheathing animation. You can do this in several ways:

  1. Switching from the equipped sword to your secondary and back again, while holding sheath weapon (assuming the secondary isn't another sword). This is the simplest method, but you lose talisman effects or the awakened weapon state.
  2. Briefly entering and exiting the ranged weapon mode, while a rifle or bow is equipped. This is tricky to time, but you can hold the button down during the tempest animation and then release as soon as possible.
  3. Pressing the sheathed weapon button, moving slightly, and then pressing it again. Moving your character cancels the sheathing animation, so you can just flick the stick or tap up on the arrow key. This is the least intuitive method.

This attack loses effectiveness against bosses, as they will get up from being grounded by this attack immediately, only allowing you to get a final blow on them standing if you don't cancel the animation early with a Burst Counter: Brute to get them to stick on the ground. That will at least allow you to final blow them grounded, for more damage and the better wake up animation.


Builds that use Backwave II

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Backwave II Notes

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      Can someone explain exactly how this skills works? The description makes it sound like you'll automatically perform Tempest, but I find that I still have to manually push the button.

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