Benevolent Grave is a mechanic of Nioh 2 that allows players to leave behind an NPC version of themselves for other players to summon in their world.


How to make a Benevolent Grave

  • Use the Usable Item: Righteous Jasper to create a benevolent grave at a desired location.
  • You can obtain Righteous Jasper as Mission rewards, and sometimes as treasures in the game.
  • You can also obtain Righteous Jasper as rewards for your Benevolent Grave being used.
  • You can customize your Benevolent Grave's emotes.
  • Summoned Benevolent Spirits are not healed by resting at a shrine.Therefore you should equip your spirit with healing onmyo before laying your Righteous Jasper.
  • Your grave will remain static to the level and equipment you set it as.
  • You can set up to 3 Benevolent Graves. You can try putting down a fourth to see the performance of each of your graves and replace one.


Benevolent Grave Rewards

  • If your benevolent grave is used, you will receive a reward of Ochoko.
  • You will also receive Glory that is used for the Hidden Teahouse.
  • You may receive Righteous Jasper as a reward.


Benevolent Grave Summoning

  • Summoning a grave costs Ochoko cups relative to your level vs the level of the grave.
  • Summoned Benevolent Spirits will depart after you have killed a certain amount of enemies. You can track this via the red bar above their health indicator
  • Summoned Benevolent Spirits are not healed by resting at a shrine. You can heal them with Onmyo.



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    • Anonymous

      07 Sep 2021 23:12  

      I received some achievement for using blue named graves on certain missions. Like the one for the second hardships armor. Cant remember the name now. By using the blue names on some missions you may receive optional dialogue or mission rewards. Def double check that tho. Just going off memory atm.

      • Anonymous

        07 Feb 2021 10:22  

        some times i come across blue named graves, their name stays blue on nameplate and ui element, they have unique names, and are mostly in hidden spots, do they have special mission conditions for some rare reward?

        • Anonymous

          01 Sep 2020 17:39  

          I wonder when does my own benevolent grave show up in others gameplay. Only when i am online? In some mission? Always even if i am offline?

          • Anonymous

            21 Mar 2020 16:37  

            I summoned one of these guys! They stopped fighting mid-battle to just kind of stare at me while the big dude with a bigger club tore me up like wet paper. I gotta say, it perfectly captured the Soulslike summoning experience. Authentic!

            • Anonymous

              19 Mar 2020 10:36  

              Do we know what difference the difficulty indicator on benevolent graves mean and how we can increase it for our own?

              • Anonymous

                16 Mar 2020 05:57  

                If you summon a benevolent spirit do they take a percentage of your amrita? To balance out summoning them I mean because when I kill an enemy when they're there some of that amrita goes to them as well but I can't tell if the amount changes for me.

                • Anonymous

                  20 Oct 2019 04:59  

                  Praying at the shrine will not replenish the benevolent spirit health and the more enemies you kill the faster the timer will run out and the benevolent spirit will depart.

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