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Enemy Type Yokai







Special Drop Seto Taisho Soul Core

Benkei is a Boss and Enemy in Nioh 2. Benkei is a Seto Taisho Yokai that attacks with ???.


Enemy Description

Benkei is warrior monk from the late Heian period, also known as Musashibo Benkei. He is large man, typically seen wearing a hood and the garb of a Buddhist priest. His reputation for being an incredbily powerful warrior precedes him, and the splitstaff is said to be just one of many weapons he wields with great skill.

He is famous for serving Yoshitsune. It is said that the two originally met because Benkei had a penchant for collecting weapons, and coveted Yoshitsune's blade.

As one of Yoshitsune's retainers, Benkei clashes with the Taira clan in Yashima. When he sees the protagonist's Sohayamaru, he mistakes it for Yoshitsune's own blade, and attacks the protagonist to reclaim it for his master.

After the protagonist manages to defeat Benkei, Benkei acknowledges their might and the two come to be companions. Benkei contributes to the protagonist's triumph over Uminyudo, the enormous yokai who attacks them at sea.

When Yoshitsune is forced to  flee the capital, Benkei obeys his master's command and makes his way to Hiraizumi. There he is attacked by the Fujiwara army. Benkei singlehandedly holds the enemy soldiers off to protect his master, but is tragically struck down, with a multitude of arrows piercing his body. Benkei transforms into porcelain figure and shatters into pieces before a horriffied Yoshitsune's eyes, revealing that he was a Seto Taisho- a yokai formed from the unused fragments of old crockery-all along.


Benkei Locations & Drops


How to Beat Benkei

Benkei Boss Guide:






Attacks & Counters

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Notes & Trivia

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    • Anonymous

      I accidently attacked him during one of his attacks, knocked him over and drained a bunch of his ki, basically winning the fight for me. Has anyone else experienced this? Couldn't replicate it before defeating him.

      • Anonymous

        The fact that not only is he Benkei, a legendary figure who never fell in battle, even on his deathbed, but that he's a Yokai based on possessed pottery Fiercely loyal to their owner and retainer is just doubly Awesome!

        • Anonymous

          One of the best bosses I’ve fought in recent history. He has such a good move-set. None of his attacks or combos feel unbalanced or unfair if you know how to read them. He also drops one of the best armor sets for tank builds in the game, and has incredible weapons.

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