Beyond Infinity

Skill Point Cost
Skill Type
Cleared Mission "The Way of the Warrior: Veteran"

Beyond Infinity is one of the Fists Skill in Nioh2


Beyond Infinity Description

Press Square multiple times to hit the enemy up to five times. Pressing square with the correct timing increases the speed of each blow. (High Stance Only)



Beyond Infinity Notes

The precise timing of Beyond Infinity is:

  • Starting Attack
  • Blue Input Window 1: 1270 ms
  • Blue Input Window 2: 1000 ms
  • Blue Input Window 3: 900 ms
  • Blue Input Window 4: 1035 ms

It is much easier to think of this process as:

Starting Attack -> Long (over a second) -> Medium (around a second) -> Short (less than a second) -> Medium (around a second)

A video demonstration by Calaminh can be found here.


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      • Anonymous

        The timing for this attack is very specific - you must press square after every fifth hit LANDS. The timing is different for every five hits in the combo. When training how, watch for a flash effect on your character. You must press square AFTER this effect to continue the chain and speed it up. Button mashing won’t help, since a mid-timed press with simply continue the combo and not speed it up.

        Practice in the dojo on enemies, and watch for every fifth damage number to time your presses. Muscle memory will kick in quickly. REMEMBER: you only need 5 presses to do the full combo, sped up or not. If you miss a press, you can end the combo early, which can save your life if you do it at the wrong time during a boss fight.

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