Bloodspider Blade

bloodspider blade nioh2 wiki guide
heart nioh 2 wiki Heart Bonus C Break 116
stamina nioh 2 wiki Stamina Bonus C Block 37
strength nioh 2 wiki Strength Bonus B+    

Special Effect

corruption icon nioh2 wiki guideImbue Corruption
fixed icon nioh2 wiki guideMelee dmg vs. Paralyzed Enemy

Bloodspider Blade is one of the Odachi's in Nioh 2. This weapon works in conjunction with the Odachi Skills skill tree. The Odachi weapon type scales very well with Strength but also has some scaling from Stamina and Heart. So if your Build has high Strength, consider using this weapon type.


Bloodspider Blade Description

This odachi blade was used to defeat a giant spider yokai, and is named in honor of this. This blade is stained dark red and spider web motifs cover the hilt.

According to a legend of the Chugoku region, a warrior set off to defeat the spider yokai, but a few days later, both he and the spider were found dead. Lying next to the man was this sword. Those who discovered the bodies feared the sword was cursed and offered it to a shrine for sakefeeping. However, it was later stolen and lost...


Amrita Memories Background

  • "Just like the butterflies that get trapped in my web… you won’t get away!"
  • "To hunt my prey…is only what comes naturally."
  • "You wish to kill me? What foolish impudence."
  • "This blade… I detest it… For it is the one that split me open…"
  • "All the pain I endured… You will know it a hundredfold!"

Location: Where to Find Bloodspider Blade


Materials Needed to Craft Bloodspider Blade


Bloodspider Blade Notes & Trivia

  • See Blacksmith to understand weapon inheritance and properties.
  • Even with the Third Rule of Thrusting (+6% thrust damage) and the 3-piece bonus from Onmyo Austerity (+15% Devastating Rush damage), Devastating Rush deals less damage than Imperative Strike. Therefore, it is better to use Imperative Strike against a paralyzed enemy.
  • An Ethereal Bloodspider Blade gives +30% damage vs. a paralyzed enemy. Each accessory can provide +24.9%, and the Profligate Sinner 3-piece bonus provides a further 40% for a theoretical maximum total of +119.8%.
  • There are better weapons for applying paralysis and for making the most out of the bonus damage. For instance, Piercing Rain can apply paralysis more quickly than any odachi move, and the nature of the attack can allow for several hits without breaking the paralysis. In addition, Twisting Spear hits much harder than either Devastating Rush or Imperative Strike. If one already has the other sources of bonus damage vs. paralyzed enemies mentioned above, the player may have better results with alternative weapons.



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    • Anonymous

      One of the better (or best) early game odachi. Simply for the reason that you can soul match this with soul cores. So feel free to temper all your favourite stats into this one (paralysis accumulation perhaps!). Then just every 5-10 levels soul match it with the highest level soul core you have. It doesn’t even cost much.

      • Anonymous

        I got this weapon without ever doing the vipers sanctum or in the eye of the beholder mission. I got it practicing and trying to get gud in the A vioce in the twilight mission which I ran like 40 times before moving on.

        • Anonymous

          I got mine as a drop from a yoki, in the second story mission, a beast born of smoke and flames. I didn’t even have any equipment drop rate boosts or anything, guess I got pretty lucky!

          • Anonymous

            The awakening voices for this weapon are as follows: - Just like the butterflies that get trapped in my won't get away! - To hunt my only what comes naturally. - You wish to kill me? What foolish impudence. - This blade... I detest it... For it is the one that split me open... - All the pain I endured... You will know it a hundredfold!

            • Anonymous

              Smithing text dropped for me from a Nure-Onna in a twilight mission, the one with all the flood gates. Had lucky hat and two lucky charms on.

              • Anonymous

                For any other odachi-bros out there working towards the para-blade build: I received this drop from one of the regular enemy snake ladies in the Viper Pit mission. I equipped some +Luck gear and used the materials blessing but I can't confirm if the blessing improves the drop rate for the texts or just mats. Took about two hours of farming but it finally dropped. Ended up with 130+ elixirs in the storeroom at least!

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