Bolting Boar

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Bolting Boar is one of the Odachi Skills in Nioh2. Bolting Boar is an active Mid stance skill that dodges an enemy attack and then knocks them to the ground.


Bolting Boar Description

Sidestep an enemy attack before knocking them to the ground. (Mid stance only)


Builds that use Bolting Boar

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Bolting Boar Notes

  • This attack knocks enemies to the ground. This will allow you to attack them some more during their mandatory get up animation
    • Suiki will always do a water explosion attack after this attack is over. Ironically this makes this attack more effective on her than on other enemies, as  the recovery time of that attack is quite long.
    • Ippon-Datara will be grounded long enough to get a final blow.
  • This skill works on a large number of Yokai and several bosses.
  • Any movement input while blocking will cause this attack to fail. Make sure you do not have a stick or arrow key input when blocking.



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    • Anonymous

      works on yoki, enki, ippon, tengu, snek ladies all humanoid enemies. if you want to own these yokai use sloth and lighting debuff it makes timing it very easy.

      • Anonymous

        I tried for hours and no matter what I do this skill does not work. Not onve did I activate it and I tried every timing possible against various enemies. WTF!! DRIVING ME CRAZY!

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