Boss Skills are special Nioh 2 Skills dropped by Bosses. These unique moves are hidden in the regular skill trees and can be unlocked by defeating certain bosses that use these skills. The skills are random drops from these bosses and do not cost skill points to unlock once obtained.

  • This page shows all known boss skills divided by Weapon category. Please add more information by clicking "edit" on the top right of the page.
  • This page contains BOSS AND ENDGAME SPOILERS. Please do not read further if you do not want spoilers.


Boss Skills in Nioh 2





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    • Anonymous

      19 Dec 2020 11:53  

      Please add the Shiftling Skills again! You just removed them.

      I wanted to see at Youtube what these do.
      But I do not remember the name anymore, since you deleted the so fast.

      • Anonymous

        19 Dec 2020 11:32  

        Hi, anon who updated the page multiple times in the last hour here. Apologies for all the revisions, it's my first time adding something, and thus I struggled a bit with it. Have learnt my lesson, will let the people who know what they're doing handle it in future.

        • Anonymous

          18 Dec 2020 12:19  

          Boss of new DLC mission 1 has at least one new Switchglaive skill. Found Arc of Chaos, very fun to play with.

          • Anonymous

            18 Dec 2020 05:13  

            Otakemaru drops skills for the shiftling tree, i've gotten ferocious gale, and brutal combustion from him so far, both adding additional effects to charge attacks for feral and brute forms respectively

            • Anonymous

              16 Oct 2020 09:55  

              Can confirm that the 2nd dlc’s final boss ( the first form) drops an onmyo skill and the boss for the side mission ‘the dragon’s kin’ drops 2 skills
              1 for ninjutsu and another for both the sword an the fists. The sword/fist skill is the exact same for both weapons and wil both be obtained from the same drop.

              • Anonymous

                03 Aug 2020 21:00  

                For those wandering for the 1rst DLC : ( no spoiler )
                2 skills on the final dlc boss
                1 skill on the mysterious monk

                • Anonymous

                  08 Apr 2020 21:01  

                  it seems these skills are in the same item pool as the smithing text, so using the hunter blessing should boost the drop rate the same it does for the texts

                  • Anonymous

                    25 Mar 2020 17:26  

                    Double-Headed Slice (8 attempts ) and Ultimate Sign of The Cross (3 attempts) both obtained by Tokichiro in The Two Faces of Hospitality

                    • Anonymous

                      Boss Skills [Nioh 2 Wiki]24 Mar 2020 14:20  

                      Yea but wiki sais different.Idk mate seems pretty fair though , 4 skills for each weapon and not for duals only.

                      • Anonymous

                        23 Mar 2020 23:01  

                        Apparently there are 4 skills for each weapon. Now where do i find the other 3 tonfa skills? If Hanzo drops all of them im thrashing my tonfas.

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