Bracing Breeze

Boss Skill
Skill Type
Dropped By
Maeda Toshiie

Bracing Breeze is one of the Spear Skills in Nioh2. It is a Boss Skill that is dropped by Maeda Toshiie that parries human enemy's attack and then counter attacks.


Bracing Breeze Description

Deflect an incoming attack. Press and additional Square to also stab the enemy. Successfully deflecting an enemy's attack will alter the technique executed by the additional button input. (Mid Stance only)
Command: L1 + Square (Square while guarding)


Bracing Breeze Notes

  • If the attack doesn't parry anything, pressing square again will do a mediocre damage stab. Pressing it after you parry a move will cause you to jump into the air and slam down on the enemy, doing much more damage and briefly stunning them for more followups.






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    • Anonymous

      For anyone who not know the use of this skill, this skill allow you to parry enemy attack (human enemies only).Sure, it’s useless in combat, but why not try to connect some attack after switching stance? Like piercing rain (high stance switch after ki pulse) dancing monkey (low stance switch after ki pulse) and some skill that will continue dancing monkey! So you can use Bracing Breeze as an effective attack to connect with some skill I have mentioned about

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