Burning Oil Jar

Type Projectiles
Carry Limit 5

Burning Oil Jar is a Projectile in Nioh 2. Projectiles are offensive items that are used in battle to inflict damage and various status abnormalities against enemies.


Burning Oil Jar Information

A throwing weapon made for fire attacks, it spawns flames that continue to burn for a short period of time. The weapon is made by filling a jar with oil and covering its opening with a cloth. When ignited and thrown, the resulting impact shatters the jar, causing the oil to scatter and instantly set the surrounding area ablaze.


Burning Oil Jar Effect

  • A throwable item that applies the Fire effect and burns the enemy.


Burning Oil Jar Required Material for Crafting


Burning Oil Jar Location/Where to Find



Arrow  ♦  Bliding Shells  ♦  Caltrop Ball  ♦  Explosive Rounds  ♦  Fire Shuriken  ♦  Gunpowder Bomb  ♦  Hamaya Arrow  ♦  Hand Cannon Ammunation  ♦  Iga Enhanced Shrapnel Bomb  ♦  Iga Gunpowder Bomb  ♦  Iga Shrapnel Bomb  ♦  Kunai  ♦  Mud Jar  ♦  Paralysis Shuriken  ♦  Poison Arrow  ♦  Rakansen Coin  ♦  Rifle Ammunition  ♦  Roaring Gun Ammunition  ♦  Roaring-Gun Ammunition  ♦  Sacred Arrow  ♦  Shrapnel Bomb  ♦  Shuriken  ♦  Smoke Ball  ♦  Storm Kunai  ♦  Stun Arrow


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