Buy and Sell is one of the Blacksmith options in Nioh 2. Buy and Sell allows you to exchange your Weapons, Armor, Accessories and Items for gold. You can also purchase Items, Weapons and Armor. There is also an option to purchase Special Finds, which are rare, exceptional items or equipment available in limited numbers that will change every time you return from a mission.

Buy and Sell in Nioh 2


The buy option allows you purcahse Items from the Blacksmith by paying with Gold. Gold can be obtained as a reward for compleating Missions, dropped from Enemies, found inside Crates or Chests or by selling items to the Blacksmith.


In this option you can buy various Items.

Special Finds

Here you can acquire rare, exceptional items available in limited numbers. When you return from a mission, you will find the stock has changed. These can be Weapons, Armor, Accessories and Items from various rarities.


Here you can various Weapons. Note that weapons will only have normal rarity.



Here you can various Armor. Note that armor will only have normal rarity.

Buy Back

Here you can re-purchase items that you previously sold to the Merchant. You will have to pay the same amount of gold that you obtained by selling them.



The Sell option allows you to Sell Weapons, Armor, Accessories and Items for gold. The amount of gold received depends on the level, rarity and type.

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