Calamity's Pulse

Recommended Level 120
Mission Type Online Mission
Kodama Kodama
Sudama Sudama
Scampuss Scampuss
Locks ??
Dark Realm When boss activates it
Boss Yatsu-no-Kami
Shuten Doji

Calamity's Pulse is a Online Mission in Nioh 2. This mission is recommended for level 120, and tasks players with Fighting Yatsu-No-Kami, Shuten Doji, and Otakemaru in one go, and features only yokai enemies


Mission Text

Mission Start Text

Please hurry! The yokai sealed in Byodo-In have been released and are flooding into the surrounding area. Unless we do something, they will doubtless pour into the capital and wreak havoc! Only you can stop them!


Mission Complete Text

You managed to save the capital from tragedy. and for that you have my thanks. However, those yokai appeared to be the very ones who brought ruin to these lands in ancient times. If they were to escape again, they would wreak unimaginable havoc. I must search for a way to seal them away for good...


Calamity's Pulse Enemies

  • Yatsu-no-kami
  • Shuten Doji
  • Otakemaru


Calamity's Pulse Walkthrough

Use Otakemaru’s soul core to easily take care of Yatsu-no-kami. Then just stay back and try not to use items or get hit against Shuten Doji. Lastly Otakemaru will appear in his final form. The only advice I can give you is just wait for the small openings and be extremely cautious whenever he switches to his lighting blade.


No Kodama in Calamity's Pulse


No Sudama in Calamity's Pulse


Calamity's Pulse Notes, Notable Loot

  • ??
  • ??
  • ??




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