Skill Point Cost
Skill Type
Mystic Art

Concealment is one of the Ninja Skills in Nioh2. It is a Mystic Art that increases the damage of various ranged attacks.


Concealment Description

  • Bows get 50% more bow damage added.
  • Rifles get 40% more rifle damage added.
  • Cannons get 30% more cannon damage added.
  • Shuriken gain 96% more shuriken damage.
    • Poison Shuriken gain 50% more shuriken damage.
    • Fire Shuriken gain 28% more fire damage.
  • Kuani gain 75% more kunai damage.
  • Stone gains 100% more damage.
  • Bombs gain 38% more damage.
  • Groundfire gains 30% more damage.


Concealment Notes

  • Tips, Builds and Notes go here






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    • Anonymous

      It is worth noting that the Ninjutsu feathers and the hell feathers are not affected by the Concealment mystic arts. Nope. It was initially. But not anymore.

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