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Confused is a Status Effect in Nioh 2.

Confused Description

A Confusion-based status ailment. Increases the damage received from attacks, and also slows the recovery of Ki. For afflicted yokai, barring some exceptions, Ki recovery will be halted completely.


Confused Effect

  • Increases the damage received from all attacks by 50.0%
  • Human enemies will have their recovery significantly slowed down, similar to the Lifesteal Talisman effect.
  • Winded Yokai enemies will not be able to create a Yokai realm pool or switch to the dark realm to restore their Ki while confusion is active. For best results, confuse them early.
  • To apply to an enemy, you must apply any two of  the following status effects (Purity and Corruption are mutually exclusive):
  • Applying a new elemental effect will extend the duration of Confusion



Confused Notes

  • While an enemy is confused, you cannot build accumulation for the element that is on them already.
    • Because of this, it may be wise not to immediately and repeatedly confuse an enemy you can not kill if you rely on a certain elemental effect to be active for your build.
    • While Purity and Corruption do cancel each other out, this can be used to your advantage on a confused enemy. If you confused them with Purity or corruption, you can use the other to extend the duration of confusion while also removing the previous effect, allowing you to use it to increase confusion duration and remove the other effect and continue this cycle. This is particularly easy to use with Guardian Spirit Skills that apply Corruption or Purity while also using a weapon that gives the opposite effect.



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    • Anonymous

      11 Sep 2021 00:22  

      If I deal 20% more melee damage on a corrupted enemy, and I apply confusion, does the 50% of melee damage buff comes as addition? I mean, would my total damage be around 70%? Or is it only 50% from the confusion buff?

      • Anonymous

        10 Aug 2021 16:17  

        Its disappointing that the dual element weapons seem unable to apply confusion. I suppose that would make you too over powered, so why put those weapons in the game in the 1st place. Oh well.

        • Anonymous

          12 Feb 2021 03:21  

          Why is it called confused?

          Yokai: Help I'm Burning, no wait I'm being shocked, oh wait I'm definitely on fire, aarg, but why am I feeling so tingly.

          I'm Confused

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