Cyclone II

Skill Point Cost
Skill Type
Active Switchglaive Skills
  • Cleared Mission "The Way of the Warrior: Veteran"
  • Unlocked Cyclone

Cyclone II is one of the Switchglaive Skills in Nioh2


Cyclone II Information

  • After Cyclone, press the strong attack button at the right time to perform an additional attack. If this attack fully depletes the enemy's Ki, you will follow it with another even more powerful blow.
    • The timing is any time during the third slash in Cyclone before the weapon trail disappears.
  • The animation that happens against humans does a large amount of damage, forces them into a wake up animation that leaves them open for a while, refills your Ki as it's happening, builds a large amount of Anima and also dispels any curse the enemy may have, but it does give them their Ki back as well.
  • The attack changes depending on what stance the attack originated from:
    • Mid: Less damage and more range. The "grapple" attack leaves them on the same side.
    • High: More damage and less range. The "grapple" attack throws them behind you and deals slightly more damage.




Cyclone II Notes

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    • Anonymous

      timing changes between stances, high stance has slower timing. timing is equal part 1 1 1 between light strong strong attacks

      • Anonymous

        Hm whats the right timing for this? Tried it countless times only to get normal Cyclone. Or its "out of key human enemies" only?

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