Daidara Bocchi is a Boss and Enemy in Nioh 2. Daidara Bocchi is a giant Yokai that attacks with its behemoth size.


Enemy Description

Daidara bocchi is a giant that features in folktales all over Japan. Many link him to the origins of various features of the japanese terrain- some say that he created mountains, while others claim that his massive footprints late became lakes. It is believed that he was either one of the gods that created Japan or one these gods' followers.

It is said that after Daidara Bocchi finished creating Japan, he sank into a deep slumber in the depths of the earth, never showin himself again. Some attribute the occurrence of earthquakes to Daidara Bocchi in nigitama form, particularly in eastern Japan, in which he helps those who are in need to reclaim land and build defenses against flooding.

The aratama form of Daidara Bocchi is fearsome to behold. How can a human hope to stand up to a giant strong enough to shatter mountains and split the very earth? His immense body is also made of mud, rendering him impervious to all manner of slashing or stabbing attacks. As the source of his power lies in the Spirit Stone crystals seen dotted around his body, thekey to defeating him may perhaps lie in smashing them.


Daidara Bocchi Locations & Drops


How to Beat Daidara Bocchi

Daidara Bocchi Boss Guide:

To defeat Daidara Bocchi you will have to destroy his Amrita parts.

At the start of the fight head for the fingers and start attacking them. When you manage to destroy one of the fingers, his Ki pool will be reduced. Keep destroying his fingers until he is out of Ki. At this point his arms will fall and you will be able to run on top of them to reach his head. Here you can destroy his amrita ears by performing a finishing blow. This will damage him and regenerate his fingers. Repeat the previous steps to destroy his second ear.

After you have destroyed both ears you will have to destroy his arms. Attack his fingers once again until you deplete his Ki. Once that happens run to his arms and attack the amirta. Once the arms are destroyed he will fall and you will be able to perform a finishing blow on his head finishing the fight.

Remember to play safe and keep and eye on his attacks. You can run from one hand to the other if you are having troubles.


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1
Eye Beams: His eyes will glow, and he will fire a beam of energy to the player. You can run behind the hands to avoid the damage. You can also use your guard but this will deplete your Ki.
Rock Throw: He will use his hand to grab rocks and throw them at the player. You can see where the rocks will land as a red mark on the floor. Try to run across the battlefield until the attack is over.
Hand Ranged Attack: He will raise his hand and send a wave towards the player Use your guard to prevent the damage
Earth Explosions: He will stand using both hands and cast explosion where the player is standing You can see where the area of the explosion as a red mark on the floor. Try to run across the battlefield until the attack is over.
Hand Slam: He will raise his hands and stomp the player. Run backwards
Burst Hand Clap: He will glow red and clap his hands in the middle of the battlefield Run backwards and stay away from his hands.




Notes & Trivia

  • Memories - “You did well to bring me peace at last. All my earth-quaking, ground-breaking is now yours.”




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    • Anonymous

      I love how the third illustration for this boss explains how to defeat it, but requires you to beat it 3 times to unlock that info yourself.

      • Anonymous

        you can either try to dodge the lazer charge up or just block it and recieve 0 dmg and get your ki back to full in 1 second. boring and tedious boss

        • Anonymous

          The big thing that gave me trouble with this fight was the charged eye lasers that were pretty much instant death if I wasn't at full health. The only reliable way I've found to avoid them is to run up close to his face so that his beams go over your head.

          • Anonymous

            Got Smithing Text: Legendary Strategist's Garb from it in Demon's Parade scroll, on Dream of the Strong difficulty.

            • Anonymous

              This boss is boring, very long and pretty bullshit. I mean the amount of time I died to the one shot shockwave triggers me like crazy and having to do the whole fight again everytime... just please ****ing please I'm fine being stuck on a boss because he's tough this is just pure diarrhea. While I really enjoyed the mission that totally ruined it for me. It's in my top 3 of the worst bosses of this game.

              • Anonymous

                if in trouble, use the big snake yokai summons to decimate it's fingers. Thanks to the rate of anima restored from the stones, the snake can be summoned again fairly fast of you keep the attack on the rocks.

                • Anonymous

                  Is the red demon armor smithing text a ng+ only item. Is that even a thing? Please help. I’ve been trying to get this text for so long and i can’t get it

                  • Anonymous

                    Drops Smithing Text: Hyuga Directors Armor on “The High-Spirited Demon”, as well as the Iceburg hatchet smithing text.

                    • I like using a 2 technique combo. Swirling Snow Odachi Hidden skill will aoe his hands while super chargng anima then use anima with Hellfire Wheel. Before grapple to the head pop luckbringer talisman and nine tails yokai shift then finish him. Mad smithing texts drops

                      • Anonymous

                        For ninja builds with high ninjutsu power use "Shadow arts: Flaming Heron Feathers". It melts his hp away with ease.

                        • Anonymous

                          This boss seems to drop a great many Smithing Texts. Someone below mentioned Raikiri, which surprised me because I thought not many more texts would drop than Fextra had listed. I'm still on my first playthrough, but hopefully my list so far will be helpful for people wanting to acquire some more texts. The run to the boss isn't overly long, about 8 minutes to get there, then the shrine save/main menu method makes each farm less painful. My first text drop was Warrior of The West Armour, which is fantastic because I want it for a build but was expecting it to be NG+. In addition, I also got Raikiri, WoTWest Bow, Akechi Chikakagi, Kingo Armour, Red Demon Armour, I think Legendary Strategist, Yin Yang Tonfa, Holy Axe, Iceberg (a hatchet), Realmtaker Spear, and maybe a few more weapon texts I wasn't particularly interested in but were worth claiming to reduce the loot pool.

                          • Anonymous

                            Using Water Sword (Dual Swords), Reaper (Kusarigama), or Lethal Barrage (Hatchets) destroys the fingers really fast. Guardian Spirits with the Brute form will make this fight MUCH easier, since you can easily hit him during the long start-up of his Burst Attack, instead of precision-dodging/parrying the falling boulders; this will take out about one finger worth of Ki, and make the fight much faster. Lastly, this boss is GREAT for leveling up your weapon proficiency, since you'll be multi-hitting a boss-level enemy many times over. You can farm his fingers for a lot of proficiency by using a Travel Amulet or letting him kill you.

                            • Anonymous

                              For the first two phases you only need to destroy 5 fingers total, they don't all have to be on one hand. For the second phase it doesn't matter which hand the last finger you destroy is on - he'll automatically put down the arm that leads to his remaining eye. You wind up needing to stagger him three times total. The third phase in the shadow realm you need to destroy all 10 of his fingers.

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