Dark Omens is a Sub Mission in Nioh 2. This mission is recommended for level 13, has a level 2 difficulty, and features both human and yokai enemies. Dark Omens tasks players with investigating the area and to find any leads regarding Master Dosan's missing merchant. This mission is unlocked after completing the Sub Mission: A Voice in the Twilight. Please see Missions for other walkthroughs on other missions.



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General Info

  • Recommended Lvl: 13
  • Mission Lvl. Difficulty: 2
  • Bosses: n/a


Video Walkthrough

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Mission Rewards

First Time Completion
Subsequent Completion


  • n/a


  • n/a


Equipment & Materials
Soul Cores
Key Items
  • n/a



Dark Omens

Mission Start Text

Hey, listen up! We've got out next job from Master Dosan all lined up! It sounds like a merchant that deals with Master Dosan regularly has gone missing. He wants us to try and track them down. It seems this character also deals in Spirit Stones, and with the world the way it is these days, they may well have run into trouble.

Anyway, this is a big chance for us to earn Master Dosan's trust. Let's wrap this up nice and quick and earn ourselves a decent meal.

Mission End Text

Huh? So you defeated the bandits and yokai but still found no sign of the merchant? Hmm, he didn't strike me as the kind of man to simply wander off. Well, I imagine he will show his face again soon enough. Provided he is still alive of course.

You know, you can smell it on the wind. All the plotting, the deviousness, the skullduggery that's going on in the world. Like beasts snaring their prey. It's sickening...

In any case, your efforts are appreciated. Someone will be along with your reward shortly. Now, I have some pressing matters to attend to.

Kodama Locations

  • The first Kodama can be found behind some boxes at the back of the first house you'll find near the starting area.
  • The second Kodama can be located next to some Jizo statues where you encounter the One-eyed Oni before reaching the upper house.
  • The third Kodama can be found under the center shrine inside the Dark Realm behind the Aberrant Soldier.

Sudama Locations

  • none

Scampuss Locations

  • The first Scampuss can be found in the inner section of the house near the shrine which is the mission's main objective. It's on the west corner behind some jars.
  • The second Scampuss can be located under the shrine which is the mission's main objective, behind the second Kodama Shrine. It's hiding by the bushes.

Spa Locations

  • none


Dark Omens Walkthrough

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Upon starting the mission, you'll instantly find a Kodama Shrine ahead. The gate that's on the left is locked, so proceed to the path that's on the right. Just by the entrance, you'll find a corpse against the wall that's on your left, search the body and you can find 1x Red Spider Lily

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Up ahead, there's a bandit wielding an axe that's roaming the area and another one wielding a spear on the right side that's looting a body. You can easily kill one of them with a headshot with your bow, but it'll alert either one of them when you land the shot. After you kill the first two enemies, make sure to loot the dead body against a tree to obtain some Arrow.

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Continue forward and you'll come across a house, there are two bandits inside, one is looting and the other is standing next to him. Kill the one looting with a headshot with your bow first, then take out the other bandit. There's another dead body you can loot for a Burning Oil Jar and Shrapnel Bomb.

first kodama location dark omens nioh 2 wiki guide 600px

Before you proceed any further, go to the back of the house and you'll see some wooden boxes to your left. There's a lost Kodama behind it, destroy the boxes then guide the Kodama back to the shrine. Next, continue forward and just by the bamboo walls, you'll see another bandit looting that's on the upper right side. You can kill him instantly with a headshot using your bow. Now, ahead of you, there are four more bandits, two are patrolling and circling around the area, one standing and guarding a spot, and another that's sitting next to the guard that's standing. Wait for the two bandits to walk around and further away from the other bandit then shoot him when it's clear to avoid aggro the other two. After that's done, try shooting the other bandit that's walking behind then deal with the other two. If you walk close near the one that's resting, it will wake up and blow out a horn signaling any of its nearby allies - when you've cleared the area, continue forward.

yokai encounter dark omens nioh 2 wiki guide 600px

For the next section, you'll be facing some Yokai. There's about 3x Aberrant Soldier that's on the west. Before you engage in battle, loot the corpse that's against a tree to find another memory and 1x Small Spirit Stone. To avoid fighting them all at once, use a stone and throw it at one of them to draw them towards you, this way you can kill them off one at a time - when you've killed all three of them, continue to the west side where you'll encounter see a mist of the dark realm ahead. Also, if you go around the mist and head west, you'll find a locked gate that you can open for a shortcut back to the starting point - just be careful, since there's a Gaki feeding on the left side just before you approach the locked gate.

enki encounter dark omens nioh 2 wiki guide 600px

After opening the shortcut, go back to where the mist was and head up the slope, you can choose to go around the mist it to avoid fighting the Enki that's within it or walk up to the mist to fight the Yokai. Killing the Enki has a chance to drop an Enki Soul Core and random items like an Elixir, 1x Scout Faceplate, ad 1x Lantern Plant Fruit - after killing the Enki, head towards the gate and up the slope.

group of gaki encounter dark omens nioh 2 wiki guide 600px

You'll find a group of Gaki here, there's two that are feeding on a corpse, and two that's on high ground. The ones that are on high ground can easily spot you and will throw bombs at you, so try to shoot them first with your bow.

one eyed oni encounter dark omens nioh 2 wiki guide 600px

You can also kill the ones that are feeding by triggering the One-eyed Oni to push down a boulder towards you, just walk up to the middle and start to run back and dodge to the sides to avoid getting hit by the boulder, if you're caught, it can instantly kill you. The One-eyed Oni will chase you after it pushes the boulder, so be prepared to kill it. It telegraphs its move quite slow and its attacks are close-range, but it can inflict a huge amount of damage if its attacks land. Killing it may drop a One-eyed Oni Soul Core and some random items.

second kodama location dark omens nioh 2 wiki guide 600px

After killing the One-eyed Oni, go back up the slope and about mid-way, walk up to the Jizo statues, you'll find the second Kodama for this sub-mission - after guiding the Kodama, continue going up where you'll find another house that is surrounded by more Jizo statues.

house with jizo statues dark omens nioh 2 wiki guide 600px

Inside the house, you'll find two bandits, one is wielding dual Hatchets, while the other one wields a matchlock gun. Try to shoot the one that's standing first with a headshot, it may or may not kill him instantly, but it will stun him instead giving you time to finish him off with a second shot. As soon as you shoot the guy, the other bandit that's looting will aggro and try to shoot you. After killing both bandits, head inside and you'll find a dead body to your left that's against the wall, search it to find 1x Onmyo Mage's Locks.

inner interior dark omens nioh 2 wiki guide 600px

Once you've looted the body, head to the inner section of the house where you'll find another bandit guarding the spot. You can instantly kill him with a back attack if you have already unlocked the skill of whichever weapon you are using.

scampuss location dark omens nioh 2 wiki guide 600px

Before you proceed further which is the west side, look to your left and you'll find some jars at the corner, break it, and you'll find a Scampuss behind it. Now, before you head inside the shrine which is the objective of the sub-mission, you'll want to clear out the dark realm first that's below you. Go around the shrine, kill the bandit that's guarding the stairs, then head down where the Dark Realm is.

The Dark Realm

aberrant soldier in the dark realm dark omens nioh 2 wiki guide 600px

About mid-way from the stairs, there's a path that you can walk up to on the right. You'll enter in the Dark Realm when you walk up to it and there's an Aberrant Soldier ahead. You can try to kill it by shooting it with your bow.

third kodama location dark omens nioh 2 wiki guide 600px

From where the Aberrant Soldier was, go towards it and you'll find the third and last Kodama of the sub-mission.

yoki in the dark realm dark omens nioh 2 wiki guide 600px

To clear the Dark Realm and for you to be able to use the nearby Kodama Shrine, you'll need to kill the source which is the Yoki that's below you, there's also two Gaki that's hiding by the bushes near the Kodama Shrine. Apart from clearing the dark realm after killing the Yoki, it will also drop random equipment and a chance for a Yoki Soul Core

second scampuss location dark omens nioh 2 wiki guide 600px

After clearing the dark realm, go behind the Kodama Shrine and you'll find the second Scampuss that's at the corner by the bushes. Also, loot the nearby corpse, also behind the Kodama Shrine to find 1x Ninja's Locks - once you're done, pray at the nearby shrine and make further preparations before heading back up to the shrine towards the sub-mission's objective.

Yokai: Karasu Tengu

karasu tengu encounter dark omens nioh 2 wiki guide 600px

When you're ready, head inside the shrine and walk up to the mist. You'll face the Karasu Tengu and it'll instantly conjure the dark realm once it appears. This yokai is quite agile and can fly around the area to avoid getting hit and to aggressively attack its foes. It has two burst attacks one is where causes it to spin around multiple times while it charges forward and is difficult to avoid and the other is when it lunges its staff forward which has a long reach, so you may want to time your Burst Counters correctly to interrupt it, it can easily be killed if you interrupt it with your burst counters - killing the Karasu Tengu completes the sub-mission, you'll also obtain a memory, random items such as Elixir, Tengu's Fan, and possibly its soul core, the Karasu Tengu Soul Core.



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Trivia & Notes:

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