Dawn of the Demon is a Main Mission in Nioh 2. This mission is recommended for level 138, has a difficulty level of 3, and features both human and yokai enemies. Dawn of the Demon is added with The First Samurai DLC. Please see Missions for other walkthroughs on other missions.


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 Dawn of the Demon

Mission Start Text

"It appeared without warning... A shining dragon leapt out of the Sohayamaru, but what was it trying to show me? To find the truth behind all of this, I sense that I must begin in the village depicted in the picture scroll."

Mission End Text

"Please, young one, could you kindly tell me what transpired here? I am afraid I remember almost nothing. All I can recall is the glow of your blade. There is no mistaking it – Sohayamaru, the sword capable of defeating any yokai. I do not possess the strenght to fight alongside you, but I will share with you all that I know. Let us face down the menace of Otakemaru together."

Kodama Locations

  • After opening the gate in the village, go behind the second house to the left, where a tree has destroyed part of it. The Kodama will be next to the bushes, guarded by an Underworld Soldier.
  • To the left of the big house where you find the first Dark Realm, go around the tree and you will find the Kodama under the roots.
  • After opening the Village Gate, go to the fourth hut to the right and follow the path behind it until you reach the roofs. Go to the roof to the leftmost house from where you are and you will see the Kodama on the roof.
  • From the previous Kodama, go to the house on the opposite side of the road, from where you are (where the Underworld Soldier is), look down, and you will see the Kodama.
  • After killing the Nuppeppo, turn left, go down the ladder there and you will find the Kodama close to the ladder you have to kick for the shortcut.
  • From the Second Shrine, go left until you reach the wooden bridge. Fall down, and look behind you to see the Kodama guarded by an Aberrant Soldier.
  • Go to the waterfall in the Marsh area, pass through the Nurikabe, and follow the path up to find the Kodama next to some rocks.
  • From the Third Shrine, follow the path down to the right and you will see the Kodama on the broken wooden bridge.
  • From the Third Shrine, look behind to see a wooden structure with an Aberrant Soldier patrolling. Get down to where another Aberrant Soldier is, and from there, go down again. Turn right and the Kodama will be next to some rocks.
  • After going through a hollow tree trunk with an Enki, follow the path and as you reach an Aberrant Soldier, stick to the right path to reach an open area. The Kodama will be at the end, guarded by an Itsumade.

Sudama Locations

  • After opening the Village Gate, go to the fourth hut to the right and follow the path behind it. Close to the end, you will find the Sudama just before a chest.
  • After the Itsumade fight, go to the path on the right to find the Sudama next to an item.

Scampuss Locations

  • Inside the second house in front of the big house with the first Dark Realm.
  • From the Third Shrine, follow the path down to the right and you will see the Scampuss to your left, a little before reaching the wooden bridge.

Spa Locations

  • From the Third Shrine, follow the path up, left of the shrine to find the Spa.

Locks Locations

  • Ninja's Locks: go to the second floor of the house with the first Darm Realm, kill the Underworld Soldier and you will see the locks to the right.
  • Onmyo Mage's Locks: Go to the waterfall in the Marsh area, pass through the Nurikabe, and follow the path down to find the locks guarded by a Monk (fists).


Dawn of the Demon Walkthrough

Destroyed Village

Start the mission by praying at the Shrine, then follow the road and go left following the path to the roof of a house. Go to the next roof and killl the bandit (sword), grab the item and jump down to kill the bandit (axe). An undead bandit (sword) will rise from the blood pool in front of the first house. Kill him and enter the second house to grab an item guarded by 2 bandits (axe and sword).

Open the gate, enter the first house to your right and talk to the NPC there for small dialog. Between the first and second houses to the left there’s an item guarded by a Skeleton Warrior(sword). Approach the sword in the middle of the area and 2 undead bandits (double hatchet and sword) will rise. Kill them and go into the third house to the left for an item guarded by a Hellish Hag.

Go up the slope and you will find a Hellish Hag and 2 Gaki in the middle of this area, as well as a Nuppeppo patrolling. As you get up, a Skeleton Bowman will see you from the roof of the second house to the left. Clear the area, grab the 2 items where the yokai were and enter the first house to the left of the slope leading to this area for an item. Between the first and second houses to the left, will be a dog guarding an item, and turning left after the second house will be an Underworld Soldier guarding an item and the first Kodama of this mission. Use the fallen tree to reach the roof of this house, kill the Skeleton Warrior and grab the 2 items there. As you approach the path going up, stick to your right for an item and to open the shortcut for the First Shrine.

Following the slope up, 2 dogs and an undead bandit will be guarding the path. Kill them and stick to your left to reach the roof of another house for an item guarded by 2 Skeleton Warrior (sword). At the end of this path will be a gate, locked for now.

Destroyed Village - Upper Level

In this area, 2 bandits (sword) will be guarding the entrance to the big house, as well as an item. Kill them and enter the second house to the left to find a Scampuss. Go all the way behind the tree next to the big house to find the second Kodama hidden under the roots. Follow the roots up, grab the item along the way and enter the Dark Realm. Kill the Underworld Soldier, and look to the right to find the Ninja Locks on a corpe. Fall from the hole and kill the enemies on the floor bellow: an Enki, and the Konaki-Jiji responsible for the Dark Realm. Grab the Village Gate Key, behind the Konaki-Jiji, open the chest to the left, and get out of the house to open the gate.

As you enter the area, go to the first hut to the right for an item. The second hut to the left has a Hellish Hag, and the middle of the path is guarded by 2 dogs, a Gaki, and a Monk (fists), and they all gang up on you if one of the dogs howl. The fourth hut to the left has a Hellish Hag guarding 2 items, and the fourth hut to the right has an item and a passage to get to the roofs. Follow this passage and you will first find an Underworld Soldier guarding an item, and going up to the left you will find a Sudama, an item and a Konaki-Jiji guarding a chest.

Now go to the roofs and go to the left most house, behind the tree to find the third Kodama, and go to the roof of the house from the opposite side of the street, look down and fall to find the fourth Kodama. Go back to the roofs and kill the Underworld Soldier and the 2 Skeleton Bowman, fall to where you were and go to the fifth hut to the right to kill an Enki.

Follow the path and kill the Nuppeppo. Look to the left, grab the item and go down the fisrt ladder to find the fifth Kodama and kick the ladder for a shortcut. Go back up and the first hut to the right has an item, the second to the left has an Enki guarding another item, and the gate in the middle is where you will fight the first boss of this mission: Otakemaru (The First Samurai).

Suzuka and the Marsh

After the battle, grab the loot and follow the path for the Second Shrine. You will ba accompanied by Suzuka. Go to the left and follow this path, kill the Enki there, and drop down the bridge, ignoring the Kodama on the other side for now. Look behind you and kill the Aberrant Soldier guarding the sixth Kodama, and fall to the water bellow for an item guarded by 2 Toxic Slime. Go up the fallen tree, grab the item there and kill the 2 Bakegani and 2 Aberrant Soldier in the area. Go back to where the shrine was, as this will be a reference point. From there, going to the right path, back to the water area, turn left to find a Nure-Onna, and turn right to find an Aberrant Soldier and a Karasu Tengu. Follow this path up and grab the item guarded by a Fox Spirit. Go back down and go to the waterfall to the right. Pass through the Nurikabe and follow the path up to find the seventh Kodama. Go down and fight the Monk (fists) there to grab the Onmyo Mage's Locks of this mission on the corpse he is guarding. Go back to the marsh, and keep going toward the wooden structure, disposing of the 3 Skeleton Warrior (spear) there. As you get out of the structure, you will face an Itsumade that works like a mini boss.

After the fight, grab all the items in the area and follow the path to the right for a Sudama and an item. Now go to the path on the left and turn left after the first slope to get to a Fox Spirit guarding an item. Keep going up and you will find the Third Shrine.

Third Shrine and the Forest

From the Third Shrine, follow the path to the right, going down until you find a Scampuss to the left and the eighth Kodama, the one previously ignored, on the wooden bridge. The path going up right by the left of the shrine leads to this mission’s Spa. Now look to the path where you came to reach the shrine and you will see a wooden structure there. Go up the structure, kill the Aberrant Soldier there, drop down to the other structure, kill the other Aberrant Soldier, grab the item and drop down again. Grab the item there, turn right and stick to the rocks to find the ninth Kodama.

From the Shrine, cross the wooden bridge and enter the Dark Realm. Kill the Aberrant Soldier and the Waira responsible for this Dark Realm, then go back to the wooden bridge and stick to the right to kill a Nure-Onna and follow a path going up to find an Aberrant Soldier and a Konaki-Jiji, guarding a chest. To the left, after leaving the water area, is an item to grab, behind the rocks. Go through the flower path, grab the item to the right of the hollow tree trunk and kill the Enki there. Keep going up, kill the Aberrant Soldier, grab the item, and before crossing to the other side, follow the path to the right, kill the 2 Aberrant Soldier there, and kill the Itsumade guarding the last Kodama of the mission, and the Grilled Tang Sweet. Now go back and cross to the other side of the tree trunk, grab the item there and kill the Karasu Tengu on the way up. You will find 2 Monk (fists) on the way. Kill them, grab the item by the waterfall. Look left, drop the tree trunk to the left for a shortcut and grab the item on the wooden structure. Keep going up, open the gate and start the fight with the boss, Tate Eboshi.



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