Deadly Spiral

Boss Skill
Skill Type

Active Skill

Dropped By
Shibata Katsuie

Deadly Spiral is one of the Hatchet Skills in Nioh2. It is a Boss Skill dropped by Shibata Kasuie that lets you attack repeatedly while spinning before throwing your hatchets.


Deadly Spiral Description

Spin around while wielding your hatchets, then send them flying around you in a circle.
Command: Hold Triangle


Deadly Spiral Notes

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    • Anonymous

      I feel like a total ****in' chump I got this on my third Shibata kill on my first playthrough ever without any specific luck/item-drop related positive effects

      • Anonymous

        This is the best "charge attack" skill in the game, it combine well with the guardian spirit Inosasao, with a tank build it's really super good.

        • Anonymous

          Got it today, in my experience with boss skill drops so far, is that if they start dropping smithing text, keep trying, because they're probably about to drop a boss skill. Restless Spirits is what I went with to farm this one

          • Anonymous

            This is such bull to try to get if you're unlucky. Why couldn't they just spawn you near the boss or boss door like most of the others?

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