Demon Fang

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Cleared Mission "The Way of the Warrior: Veteran"

Demon Dash Unlocked

Demon Fang is one of the Tonfa Skills in Nioh2.  This is an extension that does a large amount of Ki damage, and grapples enemies after the attack is over.


Demon Fang Information

  • Press L1 after Demon Dance or Demon Dash to attack. If this attack causes the enemy to run out of Ki, you will perform a follow-up attack.
  • The initial attack does a large amount of Ki damage, and when it drains a human enemies' Ki or hits then while winded, it does an animation that does a large amount of damage and leaves them stunned for an extended period of time and removing any curses they might have. This gives you enough time to, for example, fully charge Focused Strike, which will also tumble them for even more damage.
  • You cannot use a custom active skill with this skill.




Demon Fang Notes

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