Demon Parade Picture Scroll

Type Accessories
Effects Randomized

Demon Parade Picture Scroll is one of the Accessories in Nioh 2. They provide the player with passive bonuses to attack, defense, drop rates, and many more. Upon obtaining their first Scroll, players will unlock a new slot in the equipment menu dedicated solely to Scrolls. Players can equip only one Demon Parade Picture Scroll at a time. Picture Scrolls may be challenged multiple times, as indicated on the item's information panel.


Demon Parade Picture Scroll Information

A celebrated scroll depicting a procession of yokai and demons. Its full name is the Hyakki Yako, Night Parade of One Hundred Demons. It was originally painted by an artist who despaired of the unrest of his era and prayed only that peace would return to the world. Sadly, this was not to be, and his frustrated desire curdled and became something far more sinister, explaining the sense of foreboding that this scroll inspires.

Take on Demon Parade Picture Scroll missions via the map of the region. Clearing the mission contained within a scroll will allow you to equip it.


Demon Parade Picture Scroll Possible Effect

Complete Demon Parade mission will grant you the scroll with random stats, you can equip it in a new slot under accessories in the equipment menu. You can redo this mission up to six times to re-roll one of the stats on the scroll. Using Hundred Night Incense grants you an additional attempt on depleted scrolls.

  • Luck
  • Active Skill Ki Damage
  • Amrita Gauge Charge
  • Damage Taken
  • Active Skill Damage
  • Toughness



Demon Parade Picture Scroll Location/Where to Find

  • Demon Parade Picture Scrolls can be dropped from enemies defeated in missions set to difficulties “Dream of the strong” and above.
  • Found at ??
  • Sold by ??



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    • Anonymous

      The Scrolls don't count towards the 2 Accessoires limit. So the sentence in the first part is misleading ("Players can equip up to two accessories which can be managed in the equipment menu.")

      -->Players can equip up to one scroll which can be managed in the equipment menu at their own slot beside the two other Accessoires.

      You don't have 6 tries to do them everytime. It depends on RNG how many attempt you have on a scroll.

      What is not very clear ingame: How many Level you have to improve a scroll to upgrade the values (ore maybe only the pool of available skills?) via Scroll Transfer. If at all possible (but then: Why you should imrove the Level at all?). The only thing i could upgrade was the att and def values by transfering a scroll with the ability to increase the rarity of my scroll.

      The best way to sort them is by the suggestion Level and to lock only the ones you are using. This way I´m able to switch from my first scroll with +x% Amrita Bar (to increrase the bar to 100 faster) to my main scroll. The Rest of the scrolls i'm using only to farm Amrita and to have a little bit of variety in case of level up.

      • Anonymous

        Can’t store’em, Can’t sell them. Can’t even sort by type making transference a ball ache, which is mostly pointless anyway. So dropping one to look at another is the best option. It just does not sit right with me ya know.
        Hope you don’t mind littering!

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