Disassemble is on of the Blacksmith options in Nioh 2. Disassemble allows players to dismantle equipment for Smithing Materials which can be used while Tempering and Soul Matching. The Smithing Materials obtained depends on the type and rarity of the equipment.

Dissasemble in Nioh 2

Talk to the Blacksmith and select the Disassemble option. A new window will open allowing you to select the piece of equipment that you want to disassemble and the materials that will be acquired through the process.


Smithing Materials Outcome

The number on the left displays the total number of materials obtained. The colored numbers between brackets display the rarity of those materials. You can select multiple pieces at once by pressing triangle on each of them. Once you are done press X to proceed. Note that when selecting multiple items, the amount shown on the materials window will display the amount of materials for all items.



Smithing Materials Dissasemble List

Below you can find a list of all Weapons and the Smithing Materials that can be obtained by disassembling them.




  • Material 1
  • Material 2


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