Exorcist Fists

exorcist fists 
heart nioh 2 wiki Heart Bonus D+    
strength nioh 2 wiki Strength Bonus B+ Break 72
dexterity nioh 2 wiki Skill Bonus C+ Block 64 

Special Effect

fixed icon nioh2 wiki guide Melee Ki Damage +3.0% 

Exorcist Fists is one of the Fists in Nioh 2. This weapon works in conjunction with the Fists Skills skill tree, and usually has good scaling with the Stamina stat. It also scales with Strength and Courage. So if your Build has high Stamina, consider using this Weapon type.


Exorcist Fists Description

A pair of fists with an engraving that wards off evil. Incorporating a design motif that resembles an imposing and enraged god, the fists cause demons to cower in fear upon sight of them. Stylized roof tiles of Japanese houses and castles also employ this concept with the hopes of achieving the same effect in keeping demons away.


Location: Where to Find NAME

  • Dropped by: Nightmare Bringer, Mission: A Familiar Glow (Dream of the Nioh) (DLC2)
  • Dropped by any generic loot source


Materials Needed to Craft Exorcist Fists


Exorcist Fists Notes & Trivia

  • See Blacksmith to understand weapon inheritance and properties.
  • ??





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