Expeditions are a game mode in Nioh 2. Expeditions give players the opportunity to visit Missions that have more enemies, and can be a great way for persistent group multiplayer, as it allows a group of people to jump from one mission to the next.

The Assist Gauge: MP Revives

When playing this mode, the assist Gauge will be displayed below the Ki Gauge. This gauge will decrease every time a player dies, and if it is emptied completely, the mission will end in failure. However, during boss battles, as long as at least one player is still standing, the mission will not end even if the gauge is depleted. Once the Dark Realm has been banished, a portion of the Assist Gauge will be restored.

When a player dies, their grave will appear nearby, and the Assist Gauge will start to empty. The player can be revived by approaching their grave and pressing circle. Reviving a player in this manner will also replenish the Assist Gauge

If the Assist Gauge is not empty, the deceased player can revive themselves by holding circle. However, reviving in this manner will not replenish the gauge. Be sure to fully assess the situation before using this method. Should all players die at the same time, the player that perished first will automatically revive via this method. however, if the gauge not full enough to carry out the revival, you will fail the mission.

Expedition Shrines

When praying at a shrine for the first time while on an Expedition, all participating players will instantly be transported to the shrine and their health restored. Depleted Ninjutsu and Onmyo Magic will also be replenished. However, on subsequent visits to the same shrine, praying will simply grant access to the Shrine Menu for the praying player. Should the player have used up some of their Ninjutsu or Onmyo Magic prior to their visit, they will be unable to change them

Unlike in solo missions, vanquished enemies will not respawn when praying at a shrine during an Expedition.

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