This is the original name of this Yokai Skill when the game first released.

Elemental Benison

Anima 4
Attunement 4

Elemental Benison is a Yokai Skill in Nioh 2. Elemental Benison is unlocked by attuning an Oni-Bi Soul Core (Infernal/Maelstrom/Thunderstorm) to your Spirit Guardian, enabling you to perform this unique skill.


Elemental Benison Effects

The player summons an Oni-bi which rushes forward, damaging enemies hit for their respective element as well as a chunk of Ki damage. This also imbues the player's primary weapon with the elemental type of the soul core if used when not unarmed or in Yokai Shift.


How to get Elemental Benison


Elemental Benison Notes & Tips

  • The name of this ability is shared between the three Oni-bi variants and the elemental buff will depend on which one is being used.
  • Great as a way to get elemental weapon enchantment w/o using charms.
  • Can be used as a way to recovery quickly from doing an attack, as the animation doesn't take long to do and the soul core is inexpensive, allowing you to extend combos or keep yourself safe.



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      Does anyone know if this buff counts towards omnyo magic at all? Silly question but just wanna cover bases

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