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Flux II

Flash Attack is one of the Samurai Skills in Nioh2. Flash Attack is an active skill that performs a quick attack when switching weapons after a successful Ki Pulse.


Flash Attack Description

Performs a quick attack when switching weapons after a successful Ki Pulse. Using Flux will disable this attack, as well as Ki pulsing by sheathing your weapon.

This attack cannot be Ki pulsed.

Though they all attack in a wide area around you and do roughly similar damage and Ki damage to a High Stance Strong Attack from the weapon, the specific properties of the attack performed is dependent on what weapon you switch to:

  • Swords: A quick slash with the sword that does about as much damage and Ki damage as a High Stance strong attack from the weapon. One of the fastest versions, and very easy to use after any attack.
  • Dual Swords: A slow long reaching attack with both swords. Mediocre damage and Ki damage. Sign of the Cross II is about the same speed but significantly more damage.
  • Spears: A quick, long range double slash around you with the Spear. This has relatively high damage and recovers extremely fast, but the Ki damage is mediocre.
  • Axes: By far the slowest and highest damage Flash attack, this is a simple swing with the Axe with a long wind up. Comparable to fully charging Iai Quickdraw II.
  • Kusarigamas: A high damage swing with the weight. This is significantly stronger than the High Stance Strong Attack on the weapon. The forward range is above average for how little you move forward.
  • Odachis: While Unsheathing your odachi, you quickly hit the enemy with the scabbard and then with the Odachi. This does the most Ki damage of all the flash attacks, giving you more reach to empty the Ki gauge after another attack that does a large amount of Ki damage. The damage is relatively average, but the recovery time is very long if you do not cancel it early with a dodge, though this significantly increases how much Ki this attack uses.
  • Tonfas: A quick three strikes with the tonfas. Poor range, but quick with average damage (for flash attacks) and Ki damage.
  • Hatchets: The second attack from its Mid Stance Quick Attack string. If you are in mid stance you can continue with the rest, giving this more flexibility than the other versions.
  • Switchglaives: A mid stance strong attack. Relatively poor damage, speed and Ki damage, but goes farther forward than the rest at the cost of horizontal range.
  • Splitstaff: You spin the staff on your back, attacking multiple times quickly with short recovery. Holding the Ki pulse button will extend the staff, giving it more range, damage and additional hits, but the attack takes longer to do. Unaffected by either Mystic Art. Overall high damage, especially for the Splitstaff.
  • Fists: Two Quick Kicks. The range is the worst out of all of them and the Ki damage is mediocre, however it doesn't take long to do.


Builds that use Flash Attack

  • ???


Flash Attack Notes

  • Notes on this skill go here



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