Great Kanehira Sword & Nightingale

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Great Kanehira Sword & Nightingale is one of the Dual Swords in Nioh 2. Dual swords scale very well with the skill stat, so if your Build has high Skill, consider using this Weapon type.


Great Kanehira Sword & Nightingale Description

A famous set of long and short katana forged by swordsmiths from Bizen Province. Kanehira, who created the eponymous larger sword, was one of three master swordsmen of the Kobizen school of swordcrafting alongside Sukehira and Takahira, collectively known as the "Three Hiras of Bizen." Widely regarded as Kanehira's finest work, the sword's name was prefixed with the Japanese character for "Great". It became an Ikeda clan heirloom after it came into the possession of Ikeda Terumasa. The shorter sword, known as Uguisumaru in Japanese, was forged by the father of Bizen-style swordcrafting, Tomonari. The faint olive green tinge, similar to the coloration of the Japanese nightingale heightens the sword's beauty, and many believe it to have ghostly powers.


Location: Where to Find Great Kanehira Sword & Nightingale

  • Dropped by: ??
  • Dropped by: ??


Materials Needed to Craft Great Kanehira Sword & Nightingale

  • ?? x2, ?? x4, ?? x6, ?? x1 
  • ??


Great Kanehira Sword & Nightingale Notes & Trivia

  • See Blacksmith to understand weapon inheritance and properties.
  • ??





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