Great Kanemitsu

heart-nioh-2-wiki Heart Bonus D+ Break 111
strength-nioh-2-wiki Strength Bonus C+ Block 51
 Strength Bonus B+    

Special Effect

fixed-icon-nioh2-wiki-guideOnmyo Austerity

Great Kanemitsu is one of the Odachi Weapons in Nioh 2. The Great Kanemitsu, like all Odachis, has a good balance between offense and defense, and is a good choice if you aren't sure what sort of Enemies you will be facing. Odachis also scale very well with the Heart stat, so if your Build has high Heart, consider using this Weapon type.


Great Kanemitsu Description

An odachi once possessed by Saito Toshimitsu, and forged by the famed swordsmith, Kanemitsu, of the Bizen Province's Osafune school. This second generation Kanemitsu, also known as Enbun Kanemitsu, due to being active in the Enbun era, was renowned for producing numerous exceptional blades. Although this large sword has been polished to the point where the engraved signature has been completely worn away, it is said to more than live up to its grand name.


Location: Where to Find Great Kanemitsu


Materials Needed to Craft Great Kanemitsu

  • ?? x2, ?? x4, ?? x6, ?? x1 
  • ??


Great Kanemitsu Notes & Trivia

  • See Blacksmith to understand weapon inheritance and properties.
  • ??



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