Guardian Spirit Talisman I

Guardian Spirit Talisman I
Skill Point Cost
Skill Type
Blessed Bolt Talisman I

Guardian Spirit Talisman I is one of the Onmyo Magic Skills in Nioh2. Guardian Spirit Talisman I is a Jutsu skill that allows you to ready Guardian Spirit Talismans. When used, these magical items conjure forth Guardian Spirits to attack your foes..


Guardian Spirit Talisman I Description

Allows you to ready Guardian Spirit Talismans. When used, these magical items conjure forth Guardian Spirits to attack your foes. Amount Preparade: 1-2 Jutsu Cost: 4.0


Builds that use Guardian Spirit Talisman I

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Guardian Spirit Talisman I Notes

  • Notes on this skill go here



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    • Anonymous

      Amount Preparade is 1-4 Jutsu Cost is 3.3

      Also where is the page for Guardian Spirit Talisman II & III

      • Anonymous

        One of the worst onmyo in game. Cost lot of jutsu, yet deals less damange than a regular elemental bolt....

        • Out of curiousity i did some testing with these amulets to see how viable they are given the justsu cost (4.0 at 1st, 3.5 2. and 3.3 at third level). From my testing, spirit damage is not affected by inserted soul cores, onmyo power or respective elemety buff (i.e. + x% lighting damage, +x% elemental damage). Tested at 390 onmyo and 500 onmyo power, same damage numbers against same enemy (Yoki in twilight mission). Purely from damage staindpoint it makes them less interesting for onmyo mages, as for same costs they can get more spells - or for same cost Fire familiar. But they are imho interesting for low magic build (10-20?), as they are in Gust/Blessed bolt line, both of which concetrate on effect rather than damage - Guts to reflect missiles and Bolt to autohit weak points, giving you advantage. Spirits beside constant damage (with exceptions) hits enemies Ki like truck (especialy Isanagami which can knock down whole ki when hitting with whole body, allowing you to grapple yokai) and usualy apply their elements effect in one go - for example Isanagami apply Saturation, Shirohami poisons enemy, Yatagarasu does beautifull fly trough enemy and flamethrow from back, setting them on fire etc.). Exceptions to damage are Itokuri, which sets webs on floor, slowing enemies, Gyoukuto which sets circle of lighting globes on ground, constantly damaging enemeis near them, Yumehami which sets up lighting traps. And Saoirse, who does water aoe, but it looks like it hits hard at edge of water circle than in middle? Had strange inconsistence with her, 600-ish in middle, 1200-ish damage on edges. Also some sprits activates buffs on you when you summon them - for example Shin-roku buffs you with Unflinching, which makes you immune to interrupts for short time. They are definitely fun to play with and at Strong difficulty i find them still viable, but as i said before it's imho more for light onmyo builds rather than focused onmyo ones. One can allways use items Fleeting guardian amulet with same effect, but this has advantage of refreshing during shrine rest or with sacred brush.

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