Hachisuka Koroku

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Enemy Type Yokai (Shiftling)
Weakness Lightning
Resistances Water
Immune ??
Special Drop

Smithing Text: Kawanami Kusarigama
Kawanami Clan Gauntlets
Hyuga Director's Waistguard
Kawanami Clan Greaves
Art of Combat: Second Wind
Art of Combat: Water Drop

Hachisuka Koroku is a Boss and Enemy in Nioh 2. Hachisuka Koroku is a Yokai enemy that attacks with a Kusarigama.


Enemy Description

Hachisuka Koroku is a military commander who served Toyotomi Hideyoshi. He is the leader of the Kawanami, a powerful clan that made its fortune providing water transportation along the Kiso River.
The Kawanami clan was a group of nigitama, yokai who mean no harm, led by the Shiftling Koroku. However, when the effects of war reached Sunomata, the yokai turned violent and scattered.
Koroku meets Tokichiro and the protagonist when Tokichiro enlists his aid in building a castle in Sunomata. Tokichiro uses his power to soothe the raging Kamaitachi, making it a nigitama once more, and the rest of the clan follows suit, returning to Sunomata. Koroku and his band of yokai end up forming the nucleus of the Hideyoshi army.
When the protagonist and Tokichiro part ways, Koroku chooses to stay on Tokichiro's side. During the Battle of Komaki and Nagakute, Tokichiro is possessed by the man with the staff and transforms Koroku and the entirety of the Kawanami clan into crazed aratama. Koroku confronts the protagonist in this deranged state, and is ultimately defeated.


Hachisuka Koroku Locations & Drops


How to Beat Hachisuka Koroku

Hachisuka Koroku Boss Guide:


Hachisuka Koroku is fast and can quickly move around the battlefield providing very few opportunites to recover.

The best startegy is staying near him with your guard up all the time and dodge his attacks. Perform a Burst Counter each time you have the opportunity to deplete his Ki and deal some damage.

His Burst Attacks have some build-up time before they begin. If you are having a hard time using the burst counter, you can run away and wait for the combo to finish to go in and deal some damage.


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1
Wide Attack: He will swing the Kusarigama covering a wide area in front of him. Use your guard to parry his attack. You can also dodge forward and attack him
Jump Burst Attack: He will perform an attack forward, then jump into the air and throw the Kusarigama to the player. After that, he will pull himself at the location of the Kusurigama. Try to burst counter the first attack to cancel his combo. If you can't, run away from him and use the guard to prevent the damage.
Three Hit Combo: He will perform a three hit combo that covers a wide area around him. Dodge backward two times and wait until he finishes moving in and deal some damage.
Tornado Skill: He will summon three tornados that will chase the player around the battlefield Try to run around dodging his attacks until the tornados disappear.
Rising Winds: He can use the Rising Winds Yokai skill. Dodge right or left two times to avoid this attack.
Water Shot: He throws 2 balls of water that leave water pools which cause water damage. Becomes a Burst Attack in Dream of the Demon. Stay out of range and avoid the pools until they disipates.
Water Spout: He jumps into the air and smashes the ground, causing damage and later water pool that can cause water damage. Stay out of range and avoid the pools until it disipates.Gr 
Grapple: He spins his kusarigama over his head in a small circle and throws the sickle in a straight line. Should the sickle hit the player he will grapple the player by pulling them closer and slashing with the sickle causing heavy damage. Dodge or stay out of range. Note that there is a slight tracking of the sickle once he throws it in straight line.




Notes & Trivia

  • He is a shiftling, with a Kappa bloodline as evident by the shell on his back. The shell will cause him to receive less damage and will not stagger him should the player hit him from behind.
  • In the Dark Realm that Koroku can summon, his back does become a weak point but he cannot be staggered while in the Dark Realm.




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    • Anonymous

      I beat him in Shiftlings Wise Judgement and i got text on my screen saying i had learned some kind of ability, but i have no idea what it was since i was still in the heat of battle fighting Katsuie, and none of the wiki's or forum posts indicate that he drops a full on ability, anyone get back to me on this?

      • Anonymous

        Don’t listen to the comment below since you actually should attack his back. Let me explain: its breakable, there you go. Once you break it he will take massive damage from behind (don’t think to much about that). Now I should mention that he can heal his back so its better to use this tactic early in the fight. Though to be fair if you do attack his back it does only one percent of damage of what you would normally. If you have trouble fighting him, I hope this helps.

        • Anonymous

          even he behaves like a human , he is a yokai. you have the chance to get a kusari-gama weapon skill from him. it's his throw

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