Heavenly Flow

Heavenly Flow
Skill Point Cost
Skill Type
Relentless I (Dual Swords Skills)

Heavenly Flow is one of the Dual Swords Skills in Nioh2. Heavenly Flow is an active skill that parries an enemy's attack, countering with a stabbing blow..


Heavenly Flow Description

Parries an enemy's attack, countering with a stabbing blow. On a successful execution, your attack strength will be increased (Mid Stance Only)
Command: L1 +Triangle Button (Triangle While guarding)


Builds that use Heavenly Flow

  • ???


Heavenly Flow Notes

  • This active skill also doubles as an attack. This is key to understanding the parry window; If a human enemy attacks you while the hit box is active (look at the weapon trail), the parry will activate.
  • On a successful parry, your character's attack will be enhanced and the opponent will be vulnerable to a Finishing Blow.
    • This enhancement is a 35.0% Increased Attack buff. Unlike other versions, it will apply at the same time as other attack buffs like Carnage Talisman, but not Leaf Glide. Heavenly Flow takes precedence in that case.
  • It is possible to hit with both the normal attack and the parry on the same enemy.



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    • Anonymous

      So, just FYI, this skill's parry window doesn't happen until your character makes the sweep motion with their weapon, meaning you need to pre-empt your opponent's strike. If you miss, you'll either eat damage, or end up with your back to the opponent. Also, it doesn't seem to do as much damage as The Shrike. Only advantage to using this over that skill is the fact that Heavenly Flow enhances your attack on success. The Shrike has a much more consistent and predictable parry window (trigger it just as your opponent's weapon is about to hit you) and it seems to do more damage. Plus it stabs your enemy in the groin. That makes it way better for comedy value alone.

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