attack_power_icon_nioh_2_wiki_guideAttack Power  x1.00 attunement_limit_1_icon_nioh_2_wiki_guideAttunement Limit 22
defense_power_icon_nioh_2_wiki_guideDefense Power x1.05 feral_icon_nioh_2_wiki_guideYokai Shift Feral

Guardian Spirit Protection

Special Effect Bonus Stat req.
Anima Charge Bonus (Cumulative Damage) A- -
Ki +80 -
secondary_icon_guardian_spirit_nioh_2_wiki_guide_24pxMedicine Burst +15.0% -
Melee Damage (Critical) +15.0% Courage + Strength = 26
Ki Recovery Bonus (Amrita Gauge) A Magic + Heart = 24

Hiyokucho is a Guardian Spirit in Nioh 2. Guardian Spirits can be selected on the Shrine menu and each provides a different boost to the player. Activate Yokai Shift by pressing + (BY on Xbox/Steam controller) when the Amrita Gauge is full.


Hiyokucho Description

Hiyokucho's form is composed of a pair of male and female birds resembling waterfowl whose bodies have fused together as one. As each wields only one wing and one eye, both must work together to fly. This imagery is often used in Japan to describe a happily married couple. In the Shan Hai ling (also known as the Classic of Mountains and Seas), an ancient Chinese text of mythic geography, it is said that Hiyokucho brings flooding with it wherever it goes, leading some to believe that this spirit also possesses the power to control water.


How to unlock Hiyokucho


How to use Hiyokucho

  • Guardian Spirit Skill is Hiyokucho flying forward, creating a pool of water that does no damage but accumulates Saturation and pulls enemies toward it. It then shoots two water beams that can hit three times in total, dealing large amounts of water damage in the process as well as moderate Ki damage. This is the best guardian spirit skill for (Consistent) pure water damage.
  • This guardian spirit provides an unfocused group of individually powerful effects that all do nothing during Yokai Shift. The main benefit this spirit brings there is its high damage Guardian Spirit Skill, and the fact that you can cancel the usage of items with a Ki pulse afterwards enabling powerful burst damage during Yokai Shift if you have an opening for it.
    • A large base amount of Ki essentially multiplies any boost you get from reductions in melee/dodge/guard/dash Ki consumption
    • Medicine Burst is essentially Medicine efficacy while solo (and this is the best guardian spirit for that), but can also allow for burst healing playing Coop, potentially allowing you to save them from dying to certain attacks grapple if timed well. Combine this with Azai clan bonus to Maximize it's effectiveness.
    • The critical melee damage boost is among the highest amount of melee damage you can get from a spirit, but can be matched by other spirits.



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