attack_power_icon_nioh_2_wiki_guideAttack Power x1.03 attunement_limit_1_icon_nioh_2_wiki_guideAttunement Limit 25
defense_power_icon_nioh_2_wiki_guideDefense Power x0.99 brute_icon_nioh_2_wiki_guideYokai Shift Brute

Guardian Spirit Protection

Special Effect Bonus Stat req.
Anima Bonus (Guard) A- -
secondary_icon_guardian_spirit_nioh_2_wiki_guide_24pxHigh Attack Damage +8.0% -
Imbue Purity (Strong Attack) +15 -
Amrita Earned +5.0% Stamina + Strength = 48
Luck +45 Dexterity + Magic = 46

Ho is a Guardian Spirit in Nioh 2. Guardian Spirits can be selected on the Shrine menu and each provides a different boost to the player. Activate Yokai Shift by pressing + (BY on Xbox/Steam controller) when the Amrita Gauge is full.


Ho Description

A birdlike Guardian Spirit that has characteristics of various creatures. It is the male counterpart of the legendary paired sacred birds known as Ho-oh. Regarded as the ruler of all winged creatures, Ho-oh is said to appear with the arrival of a virtuous monarch. Because of this, many believed that Ho-oh protects those blessed with talent, virtue, and a pure will.

Ho-oh motifs were incorporated into many buildings and works of art in continental Asia in order to show respect for the kind of virtue that Ho-oh guarded. This custom was transmitted to Japan, where buildings features the same otif. Some of these building still stand, with the Phoenix Hall of Byodo-In to the south of Kyoto being one famous example.

According to legend, the male and female counterparts of Ho-oh have different songs to welcome in the dawn. Ho represents the yang elements of Onmyo and is said to give its blessings to brave and vigorous individuals filled with a strong sense of justice.


How to unlock Ho


How to use Ho

  • Guardian Spirit skill is Ho flying into the target, followed by a delayed second pass. High Purity build-up, moderate ki damage, low damage.
  • This is tied with Oh for the second highest Attunement limit in the game, and it is also the only guardian spirit with any passive melee attack as a secondary effect. It looks restrictive, but any attack can gain this effect by switching to high stance before it hits. The rest of the effects aren't particularly strong, but it is a higher luck value than Itokuri, and one of two Spirits with Amrita Earned, so you can level up faster while also getting Higher rarity gear.



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