Honda Tadakatsu

Character Type NPC
Guardian Spirit Shin-Roku
Location ??

Honda Tadakatsu is an NPC in Nioh 2. NPCs are characters that can be interacted with or are shown in the game. NPCs are characters that add contrast to the game's lore where they provide information, some are categorized as quest givers, while others are categorized as Merchants whom you can trade with or request for certain services.



Honda Tadakatsu Information

"Honda Tadakatsu is one of Tokugawa Ieyasu's most loyal generals and also goes by the name Heihachiro. As one of the Tokugawa clan's four most decorated and celebrated military commanders, he takes his place as one of what are known as the "Four Heavenly Kings".

Tadakatsu is what was known as a hereditary daimyo. meaning that his clan has served the Tokugawa clan for generations. He excelled himself on the battlefield, and was a master of using tactical retreats to turn the tables on even overpoweringly strong enemies. His reputation was such that he was praised as a general who surpassed even Lord Ieyasu himself. So masterful is his prowess on the battlefield and his tactical nous that in spite of being a veteran of countless campaigns, he has never suffered so much as a scratch.

Following a plea from Oda Nobunaga, the Tokugawa forces join the Battle of Anegawa where they clash with the combined forces of the Azai and Asakura clans.

The tide of battle turns against the Tokugawa army when large numbers of yokai join the ranks of their enemy's army. The ferocious commander of the Asakura forces, Magara Naotaka, even transforms into a yokai himself and cuts a swathe through the opposing forces. 

Tadakatsu tries to take Naotaka on alone but he faces imminent defeat after his spear is sent flying. It is at this point that the protagonist appears and allows Tadakatsu to narrowly escape what seemed like certain death.

 As Takeda Shingen advances from the west, Tokugawa Ieyasu attempts to fight back against the seizure of his territory at Mikatagahara but suffers a potentially calamitous defeat.

As Tadakatsu stands his ground in order to buy time for his master to make his escape, he encounters a yokai and is forced once again to fight for his life. Just as it seems that all is lost, the protagonist comes to the rescue for a second time. Deeply impressed by the protagonist's bravery and strength, Tadakatsu vows to one day repay his debt of gratitude.

Tadakatsu encounters the protagonist once again on the battlefield at Komaki and Nagakute as his forces face down Tokichiro's troops with the aim of securing a decisive victory

Keen to repay the debts left over from the Battle of Anegawa, Tadakatsu wield his trusty spear, Tombokiri, and secures a path through the melee that allows the protagonist to go after Tokichiro.



Honda Tadakatsu Location

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 Honda Tadakatsu Drops

Drops in Horns on Head Dragonfly in Hand


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Honda Tadakatsu Notes & Tips

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