Honda Tadakatsu

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Enemy Type Human
Weakness ??
Resistances ??
Immune ??
Special Drop Warrior of the East Gauntlets
Obsidian Cuirass
Rai Kuniyuki Odachi

Honda Tadakatsu is a Boss and Enemy in Nioh 2. Honda Tadakatsu is a Human that attacks with a spear and electric spirit animal.


Enemy Description

In-Game Description


Honda Tadakatsu Locations & Drops


How to Beat Honda Tadakatsu

Honda Tadakatsu Boss Guide:


The best way to start the fight is by firing your weapon to his head. This will deal high damage and drop him to the ground, providing you a free grapple attack.

His Burst Attacks are very difficult to counter. If you are having troubles run back and use Ninjutsu or Onmyo skills to lower his Hp.

He is a human so you can paralyze him or poison him to increase your chance.

When his health is low he will heal back, use the opportunity to attack him.

Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1
Thrust Attack: He will perform a powerful thrust while moving forward Dodge left or right and attack him.
Lightning: He will use his Guardian Spirit to summon lightning at the players location Run away from the AoE. If you are close, run behind him and attack.
Rock Throw: When at a distance, he will use his weapon to throw a rock to the player Dodge left or right.
Grapple Attack: When close, he can perform a quick grapple attack that deals massive damage. Dodge backwards and then go in to attack him
AoE Explosion: He will extend his arms and scream creating an AoE around him. This will also increase his attack Run away and wait for the attack to finish.




Notes & Trivia

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    • Anonymous

      For all those who laugh at this guy, try him in the depths. He does over 13k damage with the smallest swing and heals like wolverine.
      I managed to take him out 2/50 only to then be finished by Toshie who has his very own cheese board. I have been served!

      • Anonymous

        extremely stupid boss design. he is slow himself i havent even needed to use sloth so i killed him 4th try, but the most stupid thing that he just kills with 1 hit, 2137 dmg with thrust attack while i have 2070 hp (26 con + life in every armor piece)

        • Anonymous

          First mission I leave.
          Half of the time my weapon just bounce on his armor staggering me preventing me for doing any combo and leave me with single strong attack that barely does 100 damages.
          Those are very, very long fights due to his millions of HP and always end the same way: I get one shot by his thrusting attack I end up miss timing.
          I don't want to spend my entire day on this and honestly that might be the only mission I don't want to complete.

          • Anonymous

            Gotta love input dodges and him being able to throw rocks through walls...Team Ninjas really did their homework on this one.

            • Anonymous

              The real life Honda Tadakatsu actually wore that exact same helmet. He also was in a hundred battles in his life and never suffered a serious injury. At first when I read these things in his character bio I was very impressed but also a bit doubtfull since it just sounds so outlandish. But he was more of a badass in real life than I thought he would be. And I’m pleasantly surprised by this. Also, he wore that massive helmet so that his enimies knew who they were up against... thats just cool af.

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