Build Information

  • Build Name: How to Spin
  • Build Level: >200
  • Build Focus: PvE
  • Build Main Stat: Stamina & Constitution


Build Equipment

  • Melee Weapon

    Shuten Doji's Club: Imbue Corruption, Gain Amrita (Strong Attack), Active Skill KI Consumtion, Life Drain (Active Skill), Attack Bonus (Stamina), Active Skill Break and Active Skill Ki Damage. I have remodel my weapon for Stamina A and then strength.

    - Kintaros Axe: we only need it for the setbonus. We use Shuten Doji's Club

  • Ranged Weapon: Warrior of the West Bow for set bonus and Damage Bonus (Agility) on it.
  • Head: Kintaros Headband: Attack, Life, Defence, Elemental Damage Taken (Guard), Running Speed, Ki Bonus Amrita Guage.
  • Chest: Masters Swordman´s Cuirass: Attack, Elemental Damage Taken, Defence, Life, Life Recovery (Amrita Absorption), Defence Bonus (Amrita Gauge).
  • Hands: Kintaros Gauntlets: Attack, Defence, Projectile Damage Taken, Tenacity (damage Over Time), Life, Mad Spinner.
  • Waist: Kintaros Waistguard: Defence, Life, Attack, Elemental Damage Taken (Guarding), Running Speed, Ki Recovery Bonus (Amrita Gauge).
  • Legs: Kintaros Greaves: Running Speed, Defence, Life, Faster Winded Recovery, Attack, Elemental Damage Taken (Guarding)
  • Accessories:

    - Shuten Doji's Gourd: Pleiades (Amrita Absorption), Ki, Elemental Damage Taken, Defence Bonus (Magic), Life:

    - Yasanaki Magatama: Set Bonus Requirements Reduced, Elemental Damage Taken, Ki, Life, Life Recovery (Amrita Absorption).

  • Guardian Spirit:

    -First: Tengen Kujaku

    - Second: Every Guardian Spirit give a fixed Bonus and a variable bonus. The variable bonus i only in combitation with the first Guardian Spirit. Interisting are for us:

    - Usura Hicho: fix Life Recovery Purification and vari Faster KI Recovery (Surrounded)

    - Hyobishion: fix Yokai Ability Damage Brute and vari Damage Bonus (Enemies Defeated)

    - Atlas Bear: fix Life Drain (Grapple) and vari Increased Attack (Surrounded)

    - Saoirse: fix Defence Bonus (Amrita Guage) and vari Yokai Abality Damage Phantom.

    I use Usura Hicho.

  • Cores: we not really use or need the abilitys. We only want the passive Bonuses. As

    - First: Schuten Doji for Increased Defence (Amrita Absorption) and Break. I use him again Slimes.

    - Second: Kasha for Faster Movement (Amrita Absorption)

    - Third: Kappa but we need Attument cost reduction on it. (nice defence Buff)

    As the variable bonus we only want attack and defence.

  • Clan: Todo for Life Bonus Stamina C and Damage Bonus Equipment Weight C. Push your glory in the Clan then you want to be max rang. So the C bonus turnt in a A Bonus.

  • Skills:

    - Axe Skills: Inner Light, Mad Spinner II, Battle Focus, Relentless: III, Full Moon Kata III, Shadow Strike III, Kintaro Katta III. Rest ist really up to you. I have a few skills but you dont really need them. The most points i gone to melee mastery.

    - Samurai Skills: Fortitude III, Running Water Heaven. Reckless Slice for your mad spinner high stance, Damage Boost Strenght, Damage Boost Satmina, Masterful Slice.Rest up to you.

    - Shiftling Skills: The Yokai Within III, The Dark Within III, Dark Vitality III, Arcana of the Dead, Revenous Strike, rest is up to you.

    - Omnyo Skills: important: Awakening, Invantation Mastery II, Life Leech talisman III and extraction talisman III, the 3 elemental resistance. Up to you Barrier Talisman III, Pure Mind II, Steel Talisman III, Rejuvenation Talisman III, Weakness Talismann III.

    - Ninja Skills: important Enlightment, Sashing, Cloudrunner, Dodging, Paralytic and Poison Control, Endurance, Ninja Tool Mastery, Medicine Power Pill.


  • Stats:

    Constitution 99 and Stamina 99

    9 Courage for Yasakani.

    9 Magic for Yasakani and we only need 1 Life Leech and 1Extraction talisman. I have 1 Weakness with me.

    In Ninja Skills we only want the Power Pill. So we not really need any points here

    And the rest of your points go to heart and strength/courage. I like to play with 40 Heart and rest in courage/strength. I have remodel my weapon for Stamina A and then strength. You can play this with less constitution and more strength/courage for more dmg.

  • So we have without buffs: B Agility, Thoughness A (over 300), over 5600 Life, over 3000 Defence (all armor 170 + 10), and over 2800 Attack (weapon 170 + 10).

Build Strategy & Video

Now how to play: the important thing is to understand that thanks to "Shuten Doji's Club: Gain Amrita (Strong Attack)" everytime that you use a strong attack you gain amrita. And so you have everytime 6 buffs active. Attack Power (Amrita Absorption) from Tengen, Pleiades (Amrita Absorption), Increased Defence (Amrita Absorption), Faster Movement (Amrita Absorption) and 2 x Life Recovery (Amrita Absorption). And thanks to Pleiades (Amrita Absorption) we get very fast a full Amrita Gauge. So we have Ki Recovery Bonus (Amrita Gauge), Ki Bonus (Amrita Guage) and Defence Bonus (Amrita Gauge). And that all stack.

That means, when you not do anything and only stand there, Otakemaru need over 30 seconds to kill you in ng +. So when you play we can say you are immortal. I run through a mission and pull mobs. Then i do a strong attack, and then mad spinner in high stance. Absolutly nothing can stop or stagger you. You will slice through all and kill everything. And thanks to you Life Drain (Active Skill) you will always have 100 % Life.

So our tactic for normal mobs is: Strong attack for buffs and then mad spinner.

For Bosses: first buff extraction talisman, power pill and battle focus, go in the fight, cast life leech and weakness and then mad spinner. For most bosses i only need a few seconds.



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