Imagawa Yoshimoto

Enemy Type Human
Weakness Poison
Resistances Lightning
Immune ??
Special Drop Rokugezo Guardian Spirit
Art of Combat: Punish the Proud
Smithing Text: Master Archer's Armor 
Smithing Text: Tokagemaru

Imagawa Yoshimoto  is a Boss and Enemy in Nioh 2. Imagawa Yoshimoto is a Human that attacks with a Lance, Dual Swords and a Bow.


Enemy Description

  • ???
  • ???


Imagawa Yoshimoto Locations & Drops


How to Beat Imagawa Yoshimoto

Imagawa Yoshimoto Boss Guide:


The battlefield is not very big limiting the mobility. Imagawa can use three different weapons to attack: A bow, Dual Swords and a Spear. He can also attack you using his Guardian Spirit  Rokugezo which deals lightning damage.

Using your guard is a very good way to deal with most of his attacks.

Try to learn his patterns and wait for his attacks to finish. You will always have an attack window when he finishes an attack.

Keep an eye on his Ki bar and don't hesitate to push him when its low as it will provide you a great opportunity for a grapple attack.

Be careful with his bow attack as he may start aiming up and then quickly switch down surprising you.

Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Rokugezo Attack: He will use his Guardian Spirit to summon a lightning that will strike on your current position after a short time Dodge or run on any direction to avoid the impact
Dual Swords Three Hit Combo: He will perform a quick three hit combo with his swords This attack has very short reach. Stay near him and attack him as soon as he perform the upper attack
Dual Swords Charged Attack: He will charge his weapons while screaming and then quickly move forward dealing high damage You can either parry him or dodge either left or right. If you time your dodge you can use the opportunity to attack him
Dual Swords Red Combo: He will perform a powerfull and quick combo dealing massive damage. If you are quick enough you can perform a burst counter dealing massive ki damage
Arrows from Above: He will shoot his bow to the sky and after a short period of time a volley of arrows will land at your location Try to run to him and attack him. If you cant run try to use your guard to prevent the damage
Arrow Volley: He will aim his bow forward and fire arrows in an arc. You can use your guard or dodge when the arrows are close.
Spear Attacks: While using the spear he will usually perform slow but powerfull attacks Quickly dodge them and attack him.




Notes & Trivia

  • Kanji: Yomikata - Lore description.




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    • Anonymous

      01 Mar 2021 15:51  

      This man is a true chad. A master of both the bow, switchglaive, and dual swords. Lacquered his teeth black so he no longer has to worry about dental issues. Too bad the protagonist had to interrupt his meal.

      • Anonymous

        19 May 2020 19:03  

        I saw him a lot in concept art before the game came out. Thought he looked pretty cool, and that he had a lot of weapons for a human boss. Never expected Frieza to be his voice-actor tho. I smiled the entire fight.

        • Anonymous

          27 Apr 2020 07:36  

          Has one of the harder "shrine to boss" runs in the game (just cause of the enemies all over the camp and his lightning strike spam environmental hazard. Keep this in mind if you die to him with a lot of amirita. You don't want to lose it all just getting back to the boss.

          • Anonymous

            02 Apr 2020 03:39  

            Can you get that neat spear on his back? I've gotten his swords plenty of times and he's weirdly dropped a bunch of Yokai weapon schematics like Yamanba's Knives and Barbarian Hatchets, but he's never dropped a spear, much less the cool naginata-looking one on his back.

            • Anonymous

              29 Mar 2020 19:14  

              Easiest Way to Beat: Gust Talisman Ranged Weapon(s) + Ammo Use Gust Talisman, run 15-20 feet away, start attacking him at range, he will 'punish' you by going to ranged faster than you realistically can, Gust talisman will deflect or reflect all incoming ranged attacks Hit him in Head over and over Use Strong Yokai Abilities (Yatsu-no-Kami core ideally), he's very weak to Yokai Cores That's it, no joke he'll go from 100 to 0 in about 30 seconds

              • Anonymous

                20 Mar 2020 18:36  

                Here is all the smithing text I got from Imagawa Yoshimoto in Imagawa Diehard sub-mission Tokagemaru - SWORD Sozasamonji Matsukurago - DUAL SWORDS Bonepile Spear - SPEAR White Bone Spirit Tonfa - TONFA Barbarian's Hatchets - HATCHETS Seething Dragon - SWITCHGLAIVE Master Archer's Bow - BOW Master Archer's Armor - ARMOR (Heavy) The Art of Combat : Windsewpt - Switchglaive skill The Art of Combat : Punish the Proud - Dual Sword Skill

                • Anonymous

                  17 Mar 2020 21:17  

                  His moves is so few that could take you only single fight to get used to.but as the first humanoid boss fight in the game , I salute him.

                  • Anonymous

                    17 Mar 2020 18:01  

                    Pretty easy once you see his attacks dodge from a distance and punish when he leaves himself open. Rinse, repeat, dead.

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