In Search of the Elixir is a Sub Mission in Nioh 2. This mission is recommended for level 139, has a difficulty level of 3, and features both human and yokai enemies. In Search of the Elixir tasks players with finding a missing doctor. This mission is unlocked after completing the ???. Please see Missions for other walkthroughs on other missions.


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 In Search of the Elixir

Mission Start Text

"It would seem a doctor of great renown has gone missing after leaving the capital. Apparently he was last seen heading towards and old tower of some description. There is a chance that this individual might possess an elixir capable of restoring me to my former strength."

Mission End Text

"Thank you for going to all that trouble for me. We may have not found the elixir, but spending time with you has lifted my spirits greatly. I believe I will get better, so for now I must be patient."

Kodama Locations

  • When going through the tree path, kill a Sohaya Warrior and look right to find a hollow tree trunk you can fall into to find the Kodama.
  • As soon as you reach the tower, stick to the left wall to find the Kodama hidden behind some bushes.
  • In the area with the toxic mist, as you go up toward the jar, you will find a path to the left leading to the jar, to the right, leading to a ladder you can kick down, and in front, going up. Go up and to the right the Kodama is hidden behind some rocks around one of the pools.
  • After going up the ladder in the caves to get inside the tower, look behind you and break the crates to find the Kodama.
  • After breaking a wall and activating a lever that open a door to the outside, turn left and you will find the Kodama under some roots.
  • In the room with a Tesso, 2 items and a ladder going down, the Kodama is hidden to the left of the statue holding an item.

Sudama Locations

  • As you get down the ladder to enter the cave for the tower, stick to the left to get to a path with a Dweller and an item. Go up the ladder at the end and to your right will be a Dweller and the Sudama.

Scampuss Locations

  • In the first area, after killing the Sohaya Warrior on the trees path, kill the Ninja and in the next tree you will find the Scampuss to your left.
  • After opening the shortcut in the tower to the Shrine, go up the ladder and kill the 2 Aberrant Soldiers there. The Scampuss is to the right, before the entrance to the Dark Realm.

Spa Locations

  • To the right of the jar you break to clear the poison mist, you will see the Spa next to some of the pools there.
  • Where you kill the Waira, stick to the left wall to find a Nurikabe, behind it to the right is the Spa

Locks Locations

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In Search of the Elixir Walkthrough

To the Tower

Start by praying at the Shrine, then head down the river until you reach the big area, where you will first see 4 Samurai, one being an Archer. Kill them and keep to the left wall to find an item guarded by a Ninja next to the other small river. From there, go forward until you reach a slope with a Samurai to the left and another under an opening to the right next to an item. Finish them of and go up the slope to get an item where the enemy was before following the roots up. When you’re getting to the other side, an Archer will see you. Kill him, go to the other side and kill the Sohaya Warrior there as well. Now, fall to where the Archer was for an item, go back up and this time turn right and fall through a hollow tree trunk for another item and the first Kodama. Go back up again and this time follow the tree path for an item and a Ninja there. When you reach the next tree, look to your left for a Scampuss there. Keep following the tree path, kill the Rokurokubi on the way and in the other tree, you will find a chest and a Konaki-Jiji. There are 2 exits there: left will send you to the next area, so go right for now, grab the item and head down to see 3 Bandits next to where the roots end. Lure them up to finish them off without problems, because when you reach down, you may end up attracting the Sohaya Warrior, the Dog and 2 Ninjas hidden by the tree. After clearing the area, go right from the tree root path you took to get down, for an item by the river, and follow this river to find another item. Now go back to the tree and take the other path, toward the tower.

The Tower – Underground

As you get down the root path, turn back and to the left and get close to the tree for an item. Stick to the left and close to the tower wall you will find the second Kodama hidden between the bushes. Now go to the right side of this area, past the Shrine for another item, and then pray at the Shrine. Go inside the cave to the left, and turn left for the small path there. Kill the Dweller, grab the item that was close to him, and go up the ladder at the end. Kill the Dweller and to the right you will find a Sudama. Fall to the big area there and kill the 2 Dweller and the Big Bakegani there. The next area has a toxic mist and to clear it you will have to destroy the jar to the right. Grab the item and run to the right, sticking to the right to kick a ladder for a small shortcut. Now, kill the Konaki-Jiji and the 2 Bakegani there, and break the jar to clear the mist. Now look right to see the first Spa of this mission. Grab the item there if you haven’t already and go between the Spa area and the ladder to find a path going up that leads to a chest guarded by a Nure-Onna. While going back, stick to the left to find the third Kodama hidden behind some rocks around the pools. Go back to the toxic mist area and kill the Waira, and stick to the wall to the left where it was patrolling to kill a Nurikabe and open a path for another Spa and a chest at the end to the right, and a Grilled Tang Sweet to the left. Now, kill the Dweller guarding an item, and kill the Onyudo to reach the ladder going up. 

The Tower

Break the crates behind you to find the fourth Kodama and go to the next room but watch out for the pressure plate that activates a dart trap. Kill the 2 Aberrant Soldiers there, grab the item and move on to the next room, being careful to not step on the pressure plate. This other room has a Spawner that’s guarded by a Big Skeleton Warrior, clear the area and activate the lever there to open your path, open the chest to the right and enter the next room. Open the door to the right for a shortcut to the Shrine and go up the ladder. Open the doors there, and grab the item to the left, next to the door before killing the Aberrant Soldier. Kill the other Aberrant Soldier there, and to the right, before the entrance to the Dark Realm, you will find a Scampuss. Ignore the Dark Realm for now and kill the Gaki there. Turn left, break the crate for an item and break the cracked wall to find a chest and a lever. You will be outside, go to the left to find the fifth Kodama next to some roots, and go down the ladder and you will find a small chest to the right and an item to the left. Go back to where you were and this time go right, to a room with 2 items, a Tesso and a ladder going down. Clear the room and to the left of the statue with an item on it is the last Kodama. Now, go down the ladder and kill the Aberrant Soldier and the Skeleton Warrior (Spear) in the second hole. Open the doors to the right, and to the left is a room with 2 Dwellers and a Big Skeleton Warrior. Clear this room and look left for a chest guarded by an Aberrant Soldier. Now, go up the ladder in the room to get in the Dark Realm. A Spawner will be close, destroy it and then kill the Onyudo responsible for the Dark Realm, as well as the Gaki and Tesso there. Open the chest close to the ladder, and grab the item in the gap between the end of the stairs and the wall, and pray at the Shrine there. Now, go up the stairs, open the doors, grab the item, and open the next set of doors to get to a big room. You can see a Spawner at the end, run to destroy it and get ready for the fight there. A Toxic Slime will spawn, followed by another Toxic Slime, then a Konaki-Jiji, then a Monk using Fists, then a Monk using a Splitstaff, and finally the Boss, Yatsu-No-Kami.

After the fight, open the doors at the end to find the doctor, Izumo No Hirosada, and talk to him to finish the mission. 


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