Inner Light

Skill Point Cost
Skill Type
Mystic Art

Inner Light is one of the Axe Skills in Nioh2. It is a Mystic Art that massively boosts the damage you deal with an axe in the yokai realm.


Inner Light Description

Adds 50.0% more melee damage when you are in a yokai realm pool.


Inner Light Notes

  • Has no effect in the Dark Realm, unless you are in a dark realm pool.
  • Despite having a buff icon, Inner Light is a Passive Melee Bonus. Thus, its bonus is additive with other Passive Melee Bonuses.






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    • Anonymous

      05 Sep 2021 08:01  

      So no Barrier talisman and requires a very niche condition... In other words, Team Ninja doesn't want you to play axe!

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