attack_power_icon_nioh_2_wiki_guideAttack Power x1.02 attunement_limit_1_icon_nioh_2_wiki_guideAttunement Limit 22
defense_power_icon_nioh_2_wiki_guideDefense Power x1.00 feral_icon_nioh_2_wiki_guideYokai Shift Feral

Guardian Spirit Protection

Special Effect Bonus Stat req.
Anima Charge Bonus (Cumulative Damage) A- -
secondary_icon_guardian_spirit_nioh_2_wiki_guide_24pxItem drop rate +5% -
Luck +40 -
Imbue Paralysis (Yokai Abilities) +50 Magic + Courage = 29
Paralysis Accumulation (Enemy) +15% Dexterity + Skill = 27

Itokuri is one of the Guardian Spirits in Nioh 2

.Guardian Spirits can be selected on the Shrine menu and each provides a different boost to the player.
Activate Yokai Shift by pressing + (BY on Xbox/Steam controller) when the Amrita Gauge is full.


Itokuri Description

This spider spirit is not content to merely protect people. It also likes to alter their fates, taking them down a winding path on the way to their destination. As an example, many loathe Matsunaga Hisahide for his villainy, while others remember him as one of the most cultivated gentlemen of his generation. Either way, his influence was huge and far-reaching, though it remains unclear to what extent an Itokuri was involved.
The Itokuri have particular fondness for treasures and historical items that have affected the fates of many. Some people even venerate the Itokuri merely for a chance to associate with such artifacts.


How to unlock Itokuri


How to use Itokuri

  • Yokai Shift: Feral
  • The Imbue Paralysis effect does not apply if the Yokai Ability already has an elemental effect. (For example: Skeleton Bowman)
  • Guardian spirit skill has Itokuri jump across the the ground in front of the player, doing damage and accumulating Saturation,  as well as Reducing the Movement speed of enemies. Spider webs are left on the floor, also lowering the movement speed of enemies while they pass over it.
  • This guardian spirit is mainly for making farming items easier, while also giving a way to Paralyze enemies without using Ninjutsu or an imbued weapon, setting them up for large burst damage from Melee damage Vs Paralyzed Enemy effects.You can switch to this spirit when you use a Yokai ability to also attempt to paralyze an enemy.
  • Strong yokai skills to use with the paralysis effect are Impaling Doom, Magatsu Muscle and Hunter's Harvest



Itokuri Gallery



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      Locked behind the prerequisite training (dojo) mission "Master of the Dual Blades". Cannot access the mission to get this Guardian Spirit unless you have at least 120,000 proficiency with Dual Swords (for those who do not use this weapon type).

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