Japanese Scissors

Type Accessories
Defense 14
vs. Physical 0
vs. Fire 0
vs. Water 0
vs. Lightning 0
vs. Poison 0
vs. Paralysis 0
Requirements magic-nioh-2-wikiMagic 1
courage-nioh-2-wikiCourage 1

Japanese Scissors is one of the Accessories in Nioh 2. They provide the player with passive bonuses to attack, defense, drop rates, and many more. Players can equip up to two accessories which can be managed in the equipment menu.


Japanese Scissors Information

These are tools that cut objects using two blades connected at the base but do not feature the finger holes used in Western Scissors.

Japanese scissors are often associated with sewing, but textile cutting was usually carried out using small knives. In reality, their use was usually limited to a flower arrangement, and to a subsection of craftsmen. As such, they were considered rare items by the general public. Small Japanese scissors were known to be used as nail clippers, but neither the small nor standard size became popular until the beginning of the Edo Period.


Japanese Scissors Special Effect

Equipping an accessory provides the wearer with unique special effects, this icon fixed-property-nioh-2-wiki-guide identifies the accessory's special effect. This accessory grants:

This accessory can have these Restricted Special Effects

  • Lightning Damage

Japanese Scissors Tips

  • For those seeking to maximize Anima capacity, no only is this the best option, it's also the most consistent, as its a fixed effect that also is larger than what you can find on other accessories. Keep in mind that you can not temper Anima onto accessories; the effect can only be found on dropped accessories.


Japanese Scissors Location/Where to Find



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