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Enemy Type Yokai  
Weakness Water, Poison  
Resistances Fire, Corruption, Paralysis  
Immune n/a  
Special Drop Kasha Soul Core
Obliterating Tonfa
Vice-Minister's Waistguard
Leaf Tip Spear

Kasha is a Boss and Enemy in Nioh 2. Kasha is a Yokai enemy that attacks with AOE and flames on the ground.

Enemy Description

A Kasha (literally "fire chariot") is a yokai that snatches corpses and spirits them away to hell. Its name originally referred to the mythical chariot believed to transport sinners to the underworld. It is believed that this folklore got fused with the ancient Japanese belief that a cat should never be allowed in the vicinity of a corpse, resulting in the conception of Kasha as a monstrous cat that drives a fiery chariot. Kasha is a servant of hell tasked with torturing the very souls it steals. In Japanese, there is a saying that one is in a fiery chariot, which means that one is suffering great financial difficulty. This saying originates from a belief in Kasha, with the struggle of poverty being likened to Kasha's Torture.

Japanese folktales also feature another type of Kasha known as Nekodanka. Most of these tales revolve around a cat who wishes to repay the kindness of a poor temple that has taken it in. This cat will cause something eerie to happen at a funeral, only stopping the supernatural show when its favored temple gets involved in order to improve the temple's reputation. There are many variants of this story, but they are all based on the folk belief that cats have the ability to exert mysterious powers upon the dead. As these tales spread, various funeral rites were introduced all over Japan to keep Kasha away from the deceased.

It is no easy task to predict the next movement of a wildly careening Kasha. The flames it leaves in its wake make it a difficult yokai to chase, not to mention the fact that it can trap you in a precarious position with nowhere to run. The first step to defeating this yokai is to find a way to deal with its flames. Be certain to also stay vigilant of your surroundings, as Kasha has been known to use the dead it has stolen to fight in its stead.

Kasha Locations & Drops

How to Beat Kasha

Kasha Boss Guide:


Kasha can be found on a large and open battlefield. This benefits her, as she can quickly move around the battlefield covering great distances.

Kasha will cause Fire Damage with most of her skills, so using high Fire Resistance equipment or Firestop Talismans is a great idea to increase durability. She is vulnerable to water attacks so you may want to use water imbued weapons or skills.  She has a very weak defense against poison, and the player can essentially keep her poisoned the duration of the fight with shuriken or arrows.

Try to stay near her, when she attacks, stand behind her and try to deal as much damage as you can. Her rush attacks leave a trail of fire behind that deal damage when you stand over them, but they are also the best opportunity to strike back as she will remain stationary when finished.

When in the Dark Realm, she will summon a spinning wheel that deals high damage and chase you around the battlefield. This attack ends after 30 seconds or so, try to stay away from her until the wheel disappears. She can also summon two Gaki to chase you down. Try to kill them as soon as they come out so you don't have to deal with three enemies at once.


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter

kasha (5)

Zigzag Rush: She will move forward in a zigzag pattern leaving a trail of fire behind her and dealing damage if she touches you.

Try run backwards to avoid her. When she stops run behind her and deal as much damage as you can before she recovers

kasha (10)Fire Circle: She will quickly create a circle of fire around you trapping you inside.

Wait until she finishes creating the circle and roll away from it.

You will quickly notice that she will go backward (for drawing the circle) so if you use a good timing you can even escape from the circle before she will draws it.

Whip Attack: She will use her whip to attack you from the sides This attack is very difficult to dodge so try to use your parry. If you can't, roll behind her.

kasha (8)Forward Rush: She charges a burst attack and move forward leaving a trail of fire

You can burst counter this attack if you are right in front of her.

kasha (19)Stomp Attack: She will launch herself into the air and stomp the ground below her

Dodge backwards. She will have a small recovery time after this attack that you can use to heal or attack her.

This attack can be use to your advantage if you go quickly behind her (by going under while she is in the mid air).

Summon Gaki: While in the dark realm, she can occasionally summon two Gaki

Kill the Gaki as soon as they come out.

If you fail to kill them, remember that she will deal damage to them too*(Still need to be verified).

kasha (23)

kasha (21)




Homing Wheel: While in the dark realm, she will summon a homing wheel that will chase after the player for 30 seconds dealing damage. Caution: she will summon the wheel even after the dark realm.

Stay away from Kasha until the wheel disappears, or attack the wheel. The wheel will also breaks if you blocks it 3 times.

kasha (6)Torturer Scratches: If you stay too much under her, she will strikes with multiple claws attack.

You just want to take distance, and stay on the sides (This attack is a good opener).

kasha (3)Exploding Whip: She will attack the ground multiple times causing explosions to the ground.

Basically you can take distances from her and just wait until she finishes.

You can also try to quickly go under her, and use this attack as an opener.

kasha (22)Side Spinner: If you stay too much on the sides, she will quickly attacks you with one of th wheel making them rotate.

When you see her charging the attack (rasing up the leg) you can choose to go behind or infront of her, just stay away from the wheel.

Cat Grip: With the whip she will try to pick up you and liking away the amritas. This attack will restore a portion of her health *(Still need to be verified).

Dodge under the whip or use the burst counter.


Notes & Trivia

  • Kanji: Yomikata - Lore description.
  • While in the Dark Realm, the wheels of Kasha will have blue flames and all the trails will become blue.
  • Memories - “Do you really think you can control me? I am not so easily handled! I will take you to hell!”

kasha (17)



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    • Anonymous

      There is a missing mission with Kasha. She appears as the boss in a mission taking place in the same 'area' as Winds of Ruin and Dawn of Hope.
      I've been looking for this particular mission for half an hour to farm for her core but I swear it's been deleted in the last week or something because it's gone.
      You fight upwards a tower through some ninja before exiting the building out a destroyed wall down two roofs and into the courtyard where you fight her and a couple of yokai.

      • Anonymous

        Beat hear sekiro style with sword in mid stance using deflects from Backwave. Onryoki soul core for gaki spawns and water oni for dmg. She still does a lot of chip dmg, but if you deflect whip attacks its managable since you dont lose ki. Pretty hard boss for me.

        • I like this boss but a lot of her attacks will miss if you're right in front of her which is unfortunate, it led to me beating the boss a little too quickly for my liking

          • Anonymous

            Get armor with fire resistance, use low stance, use water attacks and literally stand between the wheels with your face up against her a** or p**** and this fight shouldn't be too hard.

            • Anonymous

              Beat first try with Onmyo. Use exclusively water and electric spells. Weapon buffs, shots, shikigamis and familiars all work pretty damn well.
              However, thunder and ***ser strikes are bad as always, except even worse in this fight due to her mobolity.
              Do not bother casting fire spells.

              • Anonymous

                First try with spear. Get under and hack away and soul core when possible. Yokai Shift is also useful. Also really wanna **** her.

                • Anonymous

                  She’s hot. And because of that, her flames are deadly as hell... because technically they’re from hell... cuz she’s from hell... And she’s hot... but not cuz she’s from hell... but cuz it makes the suffering inflicted on her victims all the more pleasing... you know, because she’s a demon from hell... that’s why her fire is so hot... but not cuz she’s hot... but cuz she’s from he-

                  • Anonymous

                    If I lived in a fantasy world, I would love to have a catgirl-waifu in my totally real harem. I also wouldn’t mind having her look quite a bit like Kasha. But reading about her background and lore seriously makes me second guess myself. I’m a sadomasochist (and I use that term loosely), but knowing what Kasha might do with me if I ever gave her the chance is some yandere-level kind of scary sh*t right there.

                    • Anonymous

                      Water Imbued Weapon makes it fairly easy I honestly did not know that she spawns Gaki, it took me two tries to kill her, the first ended after I almost killed her, the second was a kill (entirely solo), with an AI I would have first-downed it for sure. This boss is kinda trivial if you're using a Sword (Heart build), as even with a massively inefficient build (points in stamina when I'm wearing light armor lol...), with 40 heart you will have like 20+ fire resist base, I took 0 fire resist items, 0 fire resist onmyo. I took 4 healing tabs, and just sit underneath her, diving under the wheels pretty often. Granted, I had a weapon that was Water +11 enchanted permanent, not much damage, but seems to make a pretty big difference. Focus the wheels. For me, this boss was laughably easy. I had difficulty with Saika, he was pretty hard. Magara Naotaka (kargath wannabe) + his brother were I guess of equal difficulty, took me three tries to defeat him + add, and two tries for this boss. Meanwhile Saika took like 10-15. Snakey took 27 (most of any single kill attempts by a bit, though previous boss was pretty difficult for me when I wasn't blocking as well at early levels). This boss doesn't really do all that much burst damage, you can easily outheal it if you use a talisman to heal while damaging it, and if you focus wheels + use water you'll have a pretty easy time of it.

                      • Anonymous

                        I like the part during her grab where she licks you before brutally slamming you into the ground. I mean a catgirl with GINORMOUS tits with a whip, who licks you before making you her *****. Team Ninja knew what they were doing.

                        • Anonymous

                          Smithing Text: Hikoemon Ichimonji is also a possible drop from this boss. I just now got it from the Kasha fought in "The Defiled Sanctuary" (Twilight version) while farming her Soul Core.

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